2014 RECAP - As a Sunsilk Ambassador

2014 has been a crazy experience and I thought I'd share with you guys one of the best things that happened to me this year. For someone who's been a huge fan of Sunsilk's hair products for more than half my life, I was overwhelmed with joy when I first knew that I was gonna be one of the few Sunsilk Ambassadors of 2014 in Singapore. I remember how it started off with a call, knowing that I was gonna be part of this whole journey... I was thrilled, and I felt honoured, thinking to myself if all these were true… it would be amazing!

My journey working with Sunsilk started in late 2013, where I was given a chance to try out their Hair Fall range. Needless to say, my constantly dyed hair then was dropping in scary amounts and I was so happy to be able to try it out! My favourite product from that range had to be their hair tonic.

In 2014, I was chosen to front the Nourishing Soft & Smooth range and I was happy to be put with this range cause I think my hair really needed the nourishment! I did a photoshoot in late 2013 fronting this range with the other Sunsilk Ambassadors, Eunice, Rachel and Asyiha, for the Sunsilk Cleo Handbook, which came out in February!

I remember how anxious and fearful I was back then during my first shoot with Sunsilk, it honestly felt intimidating with every girl there looking so glamorous. I've been dyeing my hair repeatedly over the last few years on a regular basis, which caused huge damage to my hair! I've learnt to pay extra attention to my tresses ever since it started to look like hay.

The shoot turned out to be pretty fun and here’s how the final tutorial looks like on the Cleo handbook.

The next big thing with Sunsilk was their annual Pop-Up Salon. Now this part was pretty exciting for me as the four of us ambassadors were tasked to style our own readers hair! Since a very young age, I always had a thing for hairstyling; I even figured how to tie my very first plaid for my barbie doll on my own, which, not to mention caught my mom by surprise. I like coming up with my own hairdos and playing with my girlfriends' hair which was also why being able to style my readers' hair at the pop-up salon felt like a dream-come-true. Watching them stride off in confidence after their hair was done, wearing a huge smile on their face... These were the things worth remembering.

Throughout the year with Sunsilk, we would constantly challenge ourselves to think of different looks to teach all of you and it was through this, I learned a lot can be done with just your hair! Other than coming up with basic everyday looks, one of my favourite ones was this Cat-ear hairstyle tutorial I did for Halloween this year.

Well, as you can see, it was indeed a wonderful time; Being able to learn new things and expose myself to different areas... Things that money can never buy! Life wouldn't have been this easy without my Nourishing Soft and Smooth Oil Spray!

Well, as you can see, it was indeed a wonderful time; being able to learn new things and expose myself to different areas... Things that money can never buy! I hope that through our own learnings, we succeeded in teaching you a thing or two!

So anyway, to finish off the last phase of the year, Sunsilk's been conducting a few rounds of giveaways with the other ambassadors. If you were one of the winners of the staycation at the New Majestic Hotel, congrats! If you weren’t, you don’t have to worry cause Sunsilk’s ending this contest off with a bang! They’re giving away a trip to Hong Kong! #SunsilkHairHunt

This Saturday, 13th of December, Sunsilk is conducting a physical #SunsilkHairHunt and you will need to find out where I’ll be at 2pm. I’ll be leaving a string of clues throughout the morning so follow me on Instagram @Naomineo for more details about the secret location!

The first one to find me will win a trip to Hong Kong and subsequent winners will receive Sunsilk goodies! I look forward to meeting all of you and wish you the best of luck!