All aboard!

Aside from the crazy amount of things that happened recently (which I will address soon) I must say that I've experienced one of the best times of my life last week.

I'm pretty sure most of you would've figured out that I went on a cruise (it's the ship) with a bunch of really awesome people for a total of 4 days. So here's a summary of the things that happened.

Got an invitation a couple of weeks ago and back then, I had my reservations and felt pretty skeptical about this idea, cause the last time I could remember being on a cruise was when I was as young as... I can't remember, that's how long it was. :p Every detail in that email I received took me by surprise and left me in awe. The line up, the ambience... DAYUM! Together, it seemed as if they were describing what paradise would be like. Too good to be true.

Didn't have much of an expectation nor was I anticipating for anything great to happen before I went on board, so that was exactly how the standards of the ship exceeded what I imagined. Great service, great food, great view, great everything lol. I don't mean to sound overly enthusiastic about this, but it was just too great.


It was literally EAT, SLEEP, RAVE repeat. Having friends as neighbours was one of my favourite parts of this trip. Being away from my phone and my social life was something I've been yearning for for awhile. Not to mention how living "on the sea" was such a breathtaking escapade.

Anyway, this is really stupid, but have I ever mentioned that I can't swim? I remember being extremely wasted one night and I ended up pushing random people in the pool while partying. So when it was my turn to get pushed in... I told everyone I couldn't swim and that I'm allergic to salt water. IT WORKED. Thought it's a pretty good tactic to share lmao. And because I dyed my hair a few days before I went on the ship, guess what? I jumped in the pool in a white bikini, and came up with a pink one. Most epic shit ever. 

Few other highlights were, getting to meet Dash Berlin in person, watching Lil Jon live, Chvrches perform and not forgetting, attending Sasha Grey's private party. 

Overall, it was a wonderful 4 days with the best companions I could ever ask for, don't think any other parties could top this one, so thank you for having me, It's the ship!

I would continue blathering on and on about how great it was, but I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!