Online Shopping Using BonusBay

Hey guys, remember the haul video I uploaded 2 weeks ago where I mentioned about (Watch it if you haven’t)

So I’ve been receiving endless amount of questions on this service and I was thinking, why not just do up a post to answer the more frequently asked ones!

Basically Bonusbay is a completely free service that helps you get a fraction of your money back from your online purchases. It's actually pretty cool how we could now shop and get back a "bonus" (in the form of cash), similar to how rebates on credit cards work.

Moving on, these are answers to a couple of key questions you guys have been emailing about.

How do I get bonuses from online shopping?

You get bonuses by signing up as a user of Bonusbay and by browsing online shopping websites through their site. All you need to do is 1) log in to your Bonusbay account (through facebook or by creating a new acc)

2) select your desired webstore via Bonusbay and proceed to make a purchase as you normally would. *You have to remember to shop through Bonusbay and only from the shops listed. Otherwise, you would not be able to receive your bonus.

Next, you'll be brought to a page similar to the one above and all you have to do is click on the orange ‘get bonus’ button. You wont miss it!

Immediately, you'd be redirected to your chosen webstore where you can start shopping!!! YAYERS. It’s as easy as it looks!

Okay, next question.

Do I get bonuses automatically after signing up to

This is a yes and no answer. No, you will not get bonuses by merely signing up for Bonusbay In order to get bonuses of your purchases, you must be logged in to your Bonusbay account, and you'd have to shop through Bonusbay.

BUT BUT BUT if you currently do not have a Bonusbay account yet, you may be interested in what I’m about to share next. The folks at Bonusbay are being very generous and my readers will automatically be given $5 worth of bonus the moment you sign up! All you have to do is sign up through this link here (

How to use my bonuses?

I am just so happy about how the bonuses are paid in cash to my PayPal account. You know how sometimes a store or website gives you a rebate or voucher and you read the fine print only to realise that you have to spend $xx on your next purchase before receiving the privileges? Well, for Bonusbay all that can be thrown out the window :p The bonuses you get through Bonusbay are not bonus points with limited t&cs, but cash directly into your PayPal account. It usually takes up to 2 months before you'd be able to receive it, depending on the transaction etc. You should get a confirmation email within a couple of hours like I did.

Where do the bonuses come from?

The bonuses come from the webstore you shopped from. When you go to the webstore through Bonusbay it recognises that you are a user of Bonusbay and pays them sales commission for your purchases. They share this commission with you, so that you will get part of your own money back. Sounds legit?

Do the bonuses raise the prices of the products?

This was something I was really sceptical about too. No doubt, everyone would be worried that the bonus they’re receiving is just the extra amount they’re paying for their purchases. Well to answer this question, NO, they do not! :) As mentioned previously, the received bonuses come from the sales commissions paid to Bonusbay from the webstore. The product purchased by you is at the same price, as if you bought it without Bonusbay. However, the perk is, through Bonusbay you'd get part of your money back.

Last but not least, here are just some of the stores you can choose from. It's really crazy how they have 200 stores participating in this service. When I clicked on "Brands" I saw so many familiar brands that I’m used to purchasing from! Really pleased I found out about this service, and like I said “good things must share” haha. So there you go guys, simply click ( to start shopping, and to receive $5 worth of bonus immediately!

Hope I've cleared your doubts. :) Feel free to leave a comment on this post if you've more questions, I'll try my best to answer them. (Whether it's pertaining the video or Bonusbay.) Have fun shopping!