Going on a fast (Ramadan)

Hey guys! Went on a fast recently, (as you can see from the video) and it wasn't as easy as I thought it'd be. I've Muslim friends and school mates, but I never knew how difficult it was to fast until I had a taste of it myself. Now, it makes me wonder how those working, or schooling people are able to do it for an entire month... Imagine going for Physical Education (P.E) classes, and not being able to consume drinks or food thereafter. That's terrible! I, personally, don't have a huge appetite as mentioned in my vid, but not being able to eat for more than 12 hours, was torturing!!! I used to have a Muslim boyfriend, and I attempted to fast with him previously, but failed, terribly - I only managed to last for less than 3 hours. Besides, Hao and I had a 5-hours long video shoot that day when we were fasting, with the scorching sun and distances we had to walk, watching each second past felt like a year to me. Utmost respect to those who are able to survive for an entire month!

Tough, but a good lesson learnt indeed.

Just wanted to explain a little more on why I decided to go on a fast - Was scrolling through my comments on Instagram the other day and realised that many fights tend to spark off between races, due to the difference in our skin colour, culture etc. Especially now that it's Ramadan period, commotions arise from the insensitivity towards the Muslim's religion. As appreciative as I am towards my supporters for defending me, whenever my haters try to bring me down, discrimination against someone else's race is something I'll definitely discourage. At the end of the day, we live in Singapore, where it's a multi-racial country and such callous, reckless comments we make without having second thoughts about, would eventually lead to unhappiness. And bitter feelings would then cause prolonged hostility. Make peace, not war!

Not trying to sound all self-righteous here, and my purpose of doing this isn't to ask all non-muslims to go on a fast as well, but just hoping to send the message across that we should learn to respect each other for our dissimilarity! Spread love, not hate!

Selamat Hari Raya in advance sweethearts!

Love ya'll.
- Naomi Neo