Despite how many million photographs I've taken over the years, I hardly modelled for any online stores due to my insecurities; like my height in particular. And as much as I'm fine with my size (horizontally), I personally feel that models have to either be skinny or super toned to look good in photoshoots... And I can hardly see myself as any.

Please don't get offended, cos these are just some flaws I pay focus to, since I look at myself in the mirror everyday.

And no, I'm not complaining either, I'm just speaking in context to photoshoots... In case any of you were wondering why I rarely accept modelling jobs, this is my reason, whether it makes sense to you or not. Haha.

However, I really wanted to work with OSF since it was one of the first few blogshops I've ever heard of during my younger days, and I thought it'd be such an honour to appear on their page.

So here's a shoot I did with Bobby Kiran for Ohsofickle about half a month back, and some photos I'd like to share!

Really enjoyed myself even though I had so many worries up my mind on how the outcome would be. Do check out Bobby's works if you like his photography!