As the years go by, the list of places I wish to visit, naturally gets longer and longer. I guess being a Visual Art enthusiast contributes to the long bucket list as well. I really wanna be able to travel around the world one day, to be able to acquire more knowledge of the things happening across the horizons.

To widen my vision, and to break free from my life that has been dulled by repetition. Go from place to place with no strings attached, and to experience a different me in all the different places.

Wanderlust, that is.

At the top of my list, has gotta be Cali. The moment I saw Katy Perry's music video for Teenage Dream, the start where she rode down the streets of Cali, in a late 1960s white BMW New Class convertible...

AHHH, I'm dying to ride a Chevy Classic there, with my hair down, hopefully for a road trip with someone I love.

Besides Cali, I'd also love to experience the bustling city life in New york, then fly to Venice, Italy to take a look at the Rialto Bridge, watch the stars at the Stonehenge... And lastly, a quiet retreat away from everyone, feel the breeze and watch the sunset in Greece, Santorini.

Just some photos I found on the internet, hoping that one day I'd be able to take these shots on my own. Of course, there are still a lot more on my never-ending list, but here's just a portion of them...

Honestly, Singapore is a nice place, but we all know how small it is... It's hard to find new and pretty locations to take photos at, and whether is it to be photographed, or to be the photographer; it'd be a dream-come-true to fly to these places.

What about you guys? Do you have a place you'd like to visit as well?

Yes, indeed, we can't possibly travel everywhere in the world, unless you're that free and wealthy... But here's the good new;, I heard that Travel Made Different by NTUC Income might just help you and I get closer to striking some destinations off my bucket list!

Basically, it's a brand-new platform launched by NTUC Income for youths like you and myself to exchange travel tips and travel inspiration with one another! The photos and videos on their webpage make me wanna visit my ideal destinations even more. Wish I had a private jet. 

Share with us what your bucket list destination is and who knows, you might be the lucky winner on the trip of your lifetime worth $4000! 

Although I've a long list of places I want to travel to, I'd pick Cali or Italy if any opportunity were thrown at me!

Remember to check out Travel Made Different's webpage to view other entries and follow them @TravelMadeDifferent for your dose of travel inspiration ;)