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 As many of you might know, I’ve always had insecurities toward the lower half of my body, especially my thighs. Partly because I used to be an athlete and a ballet dancer, so they’re kinda bulked up. 

 Like me, I’m sure many of you also face having a heavier bottom, likely due to the long hours of sitting before the computer because of work/school. Otherwise, you might also be facing a tummy, cellulite, or stretch marks?

I used to think that the only other way for me to stay in shape was to eat healthily. It didn’t really go well for me as I have to out and about all day, leaving me with undesirable choices most of the time.

Honestly, some inches are just tough to shed even if I exercise regularly or diet.
Moreover, if you diet the wrong way it could be unhealthy and result in serious health issues.

I have never faced any major weight problems before but I’ve always hoped for slimmer thighs and a smaller butt. I finally found the answer to my hectic schedule when the people at BottomSlim, Pioneer in Lower Body Slimming, offered me to give their treatments a try.


Have you ever seen a passerby and felt so envious of her slim legs or flat tummy? Well, now you too can achieve it too, through the fast and healthy way!

BottomSlim, Pioneer in Lower Body Slimming, has helped many girls boost their confidence and made them feel better about themselves by giving them a slimmer and more slender looking lower body.

Being the pioneer in Lower Body Slimming, BottomSlim effectively solves these common lower body treatments:
  • Bulging Tummy 
  • Wide Hip 
  • Bulky Thighs 
  • Chunky Calves 
  • Stretch-Marks 
  • Cellulite 
  • Toxic & Water Retention 
  • Sagging Buttocks
BottomSlim has also been the Main Presenter of Star Awards for 2013 and 2014 and even had a dedicated award – BottomSlim Sexiest Legs Award.

I excitedly visited BottomSlim hoping that this would be it. This time I was going to say goodbye to those unwanted fats.

This being my first time, I was a little unsure and shy. The receptionist was really friendly and even offered me a cup of tea while I waited for my turn. We chatted a little and she assured me that many girls my size visited them too. The outlet being spacious and clean also helped in calming me down.

This is me filing in my particulars before the whole treatment took place, it is also a form to state where are my main problem areas were and what I'm hoping to achieve by the end of the treatment. I greedily started writing, wanting to get rid all of the unnecessary thigh fats I have (which can actually cause your butt to sag fml)

After filling in the form, the specialist explained to me all the details from head to toe, including the procedures and how the treatments work. I thought she would have felt annoyed by me asking her a hundred and one questions but she patiently answered everything, clearing all my doubts.

Thereafter, my specialist, Ting Ting, took me to the treatment room. The room was extremely cozy with dim lights to soften the atmosphere. I immediately felt sleepy and quickly snapped a few photos before relaxing. The room wasn’t too good to camwhore though, due to the lighting. But I guess they furnished the room to allow customers to relax and unwind instead of camwhoring, haha.

I did a two-part treatment, the first, being their Signature Tummy, Hip and Thighs Trimmer. The treatment helps shape and trim away unwanted bulges at difficult to lose areas (e.g. tummy, hip, thighs). It also relieves water retention and tones and shapes up body area. Being someone that is very health cautious, I was also pleased to know that this treatment has detoxification effects and would improve overall circulation.

The second part to my treatment was the Pro-Sonic. The machine used here breaks down stubborn fats into smaller pockets for easier dispersion and bulges accumulated over prolonged sitting poor posture. It also improves skin texture for smoother and firmer skin. Ting Ting also explained to me that this treatment would help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, lighten stretch marks and scars. When I was being told that it tones and lifts sagging muscles for better definition I was so happy. YAY to a perkier butt! Likewise, this treatment has a few health benefits too. It promotes overall circulation, boosts metabolism & lymphatic drainage and lessens lethargy.

What could be better than reshaping my lower body and achieving a more defined waistline while enjoying so many health benefits from the treatments?

These are the breakdowns of the treatments:

1. Signature Tummy, Hip and Thighs Trimmer:
  • Shapes and trims away unwanted bulges at difficult to lose areas ( tummy, hip, thighs)
  • relieves water retention
  • tones and shapes up body area
  • detoxification
  • improves overall circulation
2. Pro-Sonic (Back thighs and butt) for firming
  • breaks down stubborn fats into smaller pockets for easier 
  • dispersion
  • breaks down bulges accumulated over prolonged sitting poor posture
  • improve skin texture - smoother and firmer
  • reduces appearance of cellulite
  • lightens stretch marks and scars
  • tones and lifts sagging muscles for better definition : perkier butt!
  • promotes overall circulation and boosts metabolism
  • boosts lymphatic drainage, lessens lethargy!
  • reshaping of lower body parts that have gone out of shape with 
  • bulges. for e.g. a more defined waistline
In case you were wondering, the treatments each took about 20 -30 minutes. The first treatment felt a little weird and painful but Ting Ting was very caring and told me to give her a heads up if I wanted to stop for a bit. I didn’t stop throughout my treatment though, as I felt that it was bearable. Guess I was just not used to it at first. The second treatment however, was absolutely painless and felt like a mini massage.

I was extremely happy and impressed with the results after my session. It wasn’t a vast difference in terms of the size of my thighs, but it is still a miracle for me as I only went through 1 session prior to this. Like c'mon... It's pretty damn big, and one session alone wouldn't turn them into a VS model's thighs. However, I did feel like the skin around my thighs were a lot tighter, and my butt actually felt firmer. Lmao 

 The instant results left me in awe and I decided that BottomSlim would be playing an important part in helping me maintain my lower body now that I have tried their fuss free, quick and natural targeted weight loss solution.

Being a dancer and an athlete previously actually bulked up my legs a lot, and the moment I stopped... All the muscles pretty much converted into fats. Despite how much I try to work out or go on a diet, the stubborn thigh-fats could never be gotten rid off. No joke, but I actually did considered going for liposuction once. (Don't judge) What stopped me was that it was too expensive, and I didn't wanna undergo any surgical procedures. That is why being able to finally find a better alternative, really overwhelmed me with joy.

I've never believed in going for slimming treatments and always had this stereotypical mindset that the "before and after" pictures are always photoshopped.

Here’s a picture of one of Bottomslim’s customers, where you can see the “Before” and “After” effects of the treatments! 

Guess this actually proved me wrong. I actually do wish to return for a few more sessions to see if it really helps in achieving my ideal figure.

Having tried BottomSlim for myself, I just HAVE to share it with my readers too! The lovely people from BottomSlim would be offering all my readers FREE Signature Tummy, Hip and Thighs Trimmer + Pro-Sonic Treatment worth $385! Opt for an extra Cellu-Rid Cellulite Treatment at just $2!

All you have to do is to enter your details here:

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For more information you can also visit BOTTOMSLIM or call 63632525 to make an enquiry or to book an appointment. Do leave me a comment and tell me how it went if you decide to try BottomSlim! :)

Terms and Conditions:
- Females above 18 years old and above only
- Strictly by appointment only.
- Promotion valid for 2 months