When I look into your eyes, I could see a sad, sad soul. I know you're hurting inside, but you just won't show it to me. It breaks my heart to know how you're suffering from all these pain, and for me, it's a false front you've to forcefully display. I feel helpless that there's nothing I could do to help lighten the weight on your shoulders. I feel weak, but I can't give up just cos you've so many more reasons to do so, and yet, you're still hanging on.

I wish I could protect you from all the harm, and be able to watch you smile genuinely again. The route in front of me is fogged, I certainly am unsure of what's ahead, but if I could, I'd wanna take you away and never return to this inhumane place ever again.

I feel shattered when I see how woebegone you look. My utmost apologies for being such a failure...