One of my biggest problems

I guess compared to boys, girls in general tend to have much more things to worry about. As a teenage girl especially, even having mascara flakes on my face could bother me. Of course, the level of seriousness can range from "I'LL JUST HAVE TO SUCK IT UP" to "WTF MY LIFE IS OVER," and the complication doubles up when it comes to something you can't solve... In this case, my problem with shoes.

I've more than 30 pairs of shoes (• not flaunting • paid for all of them with my own money) at home, varying from classic sneakers to sky-high hellbounds. And honestly speaking, if I had to make a choice between flats and heels, I'd opt for flats, anytime, any day. No doubt.

However, being short in height and as a cankle (where the calf meets the foot in one unapologetic union) sufferer, it's really a challenge for me to find a pair of shoes that would not only make me look taller and slimmer, but would also not cause me to look shorter and stubbier.

High-cuts are my favourites, and I've so many ankle-boots and high-cut sneakers, but they are the ones that would usually make your legs look shorter. Hence, it's something I've to either forgo or deal with.

Round-toe shoes are super cute, but similarly, they will virtually shorten your legs, so they would have to go as well.

Not forgetting my horrible cankles that look literally like a chunk of fat splotched at the bottom of my legs, that disallow any opportunity for strappy shoes. Basically, any ankle accessory would have to be forbidden. If I insist, it'd just put unnecessary focus on my thick ankles, bcos straps and even ribbons, would accentuate them.

Kitten heels are a "NO WAY" for me too, unless I wanna end up looking like humpty dumpty.

As "noble" as you guys think I am, being able to accept my flaws blablabla... I will still be constantly on the hunt for alternatives on how to make myself look better. Accepting yourself for who you are is one thing, improving yourself is another.

I may feel good about myself, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to feel better, right?

So anyway, after mentioning my issues and the type of shoes to avoid, if you're just like me; petite, or you feel insecure about your legs, here are some shoes that may fit you!

1) Knee-high boots

Not only can you find heeled ones, you can also put in insoles for a boost in height.

2) Pointy pumps

Like I mentioned earlier on, if you face any one of those two problems, avoid any ankle-cuff heels or those with straps around your ankle. Instead, go for a pair of pointy pumps, to elongate your legs.

Today, these two types of shoes are available in the form of flats and wedges as well, if you're not that fond of heels.


Not to mention, they help to direct the focus away from your ankles as well.

Of course, there are many other shoes these days that could solve such problems temporarily for you.

My personal favourites would be either hellbounds, platform heels/shoes.

Here's an example! 

(I bet all eyes are on my cankles now because of what I just wrote, lol.)

 Anyway, featuring my new pair of T.U.K creepers from @pvs_sg (Facebook Page)

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