Barely Naked

It can get pretty tough for me to stay faithful to a handphone cover, because I hate how common they usually become after awhile, and since I've sweaty palms, they get dirty easily as well.

Hence, I've been using stickers for the longest time. However, I can pay up to 20 bucks for a regular one, and what I loathe is that:

1) If you paste it in the wrong position, and try to readjust it, it bubbles up, or probably doesn't even stick anymore once it comes in contact with dust.

2) At times, the image of the sticker tends to wear off after awhile, and eventually, my phone would just end up looking really trashy, and It really pisses me off!!! 

Well, it wasn't until I found out about BarelyNaked, where I was introduced to a world of difference between bad quality stickers and the ones they provide.

Besides, our phone or electronic gadgets are probably things we bring around with us all day, and everyday! So as superficial as this is gonna sound, beautiful things do please our eyes, at least it works for me. Hence, nothing's better than ditching the usual, boring covers, for something I could design to my own preference.

Lazy lazy me, as usual... Decided to take two designs off the web instead, customised them, and in less than 2 days, they are in my mail box! Extremely efficient on their end.

Customisation = Goodbye mainstream covers!!!

Right, so how does this work?

First, visit BarelyNaked, and on the top right-hand corner, click on "Create your own."

Next, select the device you'd be customising your sticker for.

Third, find your favourite image you'd want for your sticker, preferably in HQ. 

How to find HQ images? Simply click on "Search tools" 

Followed by "size," then select on a size larger than "1024x768."

Going back to BarelyNaked's site, you can then upload your image. Of course, you don't have to follow the procedures I've listed above, you can just upload any image you already have on your computer, or even from Instagram. :D

You can upload more than one image, and just drag it to the "device" like how I did.

You can then zoom in or out to your own preference, rotate it or even overlap your images. (Above is just an example, so please don't judge how stupid it looks. Hahaha)

Once you're done, you can click on "preview" to see how the end results look, and if you're contented, click on "add to cart" to proceed to checkout. 

You can select the quantity, or edit it again if you wish to make any final changes. The last step would be to click on "Submit order" and you should receive an invoice within the next few minutes.

And it's done! All you have to do is wait for your beautiful skin to arrive!

(Here's how it should look when you open up your parcel!)

So what's good about their stickers is that...

1) BarelyNaked 's skins are low-profile, laminated vinyl decals designed to protect and personalize portable electronic devices. 

So not only is it a design for your phone, it doubles up and act as a protector as well.

2) Made from a patented 3M material, BarelyNaked Skins provide protection against scratches and everyday wear-and-tear. 

It's extremely durable, and I've yet to witness any scratch marks after 2 weeks! Hence, proven to be accurate!

3) The adhesive is re-positionable, and will not leave any residue upon removal. Air channels in the material aid in applying skins to any device by allowing air bubbles to smooth out easily.

I'm really bad at pasting them, so I'd usually have to re-paste it several times before it fits perfectly; I was taken aback by how it was easily removable, and I could just paste it back effortlessly without any air bubbles forming like how the normal protectors do.

This is how the sticker looks! Its material feels a bit like a bandaid, and despite how it's extremely sticky, it doesn't leave any disgusting residue behind. Nothing's worse than this... 

So if you're afraid it doesn't protect the edges of your phone, you can always add a bumper (which usually wouldn't cost more than 10 bucks.)

And tada!!! I'm really impressed by how this works for the price of $12.90 only!

That's not the best thing yet, you can quote "BNNN10" to receive a 10% discount! 

Last but not least, they are currently having a giveaway! 10 winners chosen. Go on my Instagram, follow me @Naomineo_ and comment on my picture why you'd like to win! Winners will be informed in a week's time, 31st May next Saturday! Good luck ;)