Update X PinkaOlive

Just a quick update before I get to the point of today's post.

3rd trip to Perth.

I don't think I've mentioned this to any of you yet, but I'd be on a vacation to Perth next month for about 2 weeks. Been dying for a getaway since my exams ended, and I'm so stoked. Weirdly, I'm a little afraid to set my hopes too high, cos I'd usually just end up being really disappointed for the things I have high expectations for. *Crossing my fingers that everything goes well*

Just a random fact... I've always wanted to be my own pilot on a private jet, fly freely, preferably not too high above the clouds, where I could still have a crystalline view of the skyline of the city. And when Mr Sunshine calls it a day, I'd find a gleaming skyscraper to land on, and gaze at the breathtaking dark vault above, where the stars are spangled. 

Yearning for the day this unrealistic dream would be fulfilled. If only fairy godmothers exist... Well, just another one of my little idiosyncrasies.

Meanwhile, here's an ultimate fail horrendously-edited-extremely-self-delusional-and-hideous photo...

Actually it isn't that bad right?! Just allow me to bask in the glory of this rather "impressive" edit for awhile :p

New blog layout

As you can see there's a vast difference with my current layout compared to the last one I had. Unlike how it usually is, it wasn't because I was fickle-minded and got bored this time, but I felt like the old one was a little hard to navigate. Besides, even though my designer did a pretty damn good job, I believe that it's not exactly user friendly.

I guess sometimes, practicality has to come before beauty.

Therefore, I spent close to 8 hours working on the new design on my own, and I'm still in the midst of making some final amendments to it, so do bear with me for the time being.

Do let me know if you guys have any other questions you'd like me to answer, and I'll see if I could add it into my FAQ section. :)

FLEA / Meet & Greet @ SCAPE, 31st May, 3pm

Finally!!! After a year, I'm about to have my second flea at SCAPE again! Clothes from various blog shops and brands, priced from $5 onwards. This time, Jianhao and Danial Ron would be joining me, while NOC and more would be coming down to support us as well! So if you happen to be in town this Saturday, do drop by to take a look!

I only have such a session annually, so do make yourself available if you wish to meet me and the rest! Hope to see you guys there :)

Something to look forward to in the month of June

Besides my trip to Aussie, I'd probably be releasing two new videos as well, so stay tuned!!!


Guess that's all I could think of for now in my clouded mind. For I've so many things to settle before I leave, I can get a little stoney every now and then. Forgive me.




Onto the actual topic of today's post, I recently did something kinda out of my comfort zone...

In case you were wondering who I'm flying off with, I'd be spending those two weeks with Dan, Charis, and Hao. So the four of us were chillin' at bucks one day, and out of the blue, I came up with the craziest idea to have all our hair dyed platinum blonde (similar to what Hao already had), picturing in my head how it'd be kinda cool for 4 blondes to travel together, lol.

Me being me, I was extremely spontaneous at the thought of it and suggested that we do it asap... Hao, Dan and myself then visited Salon Vim the day after, while Charis DIY-ed her own.

I'm absolutely cray!!! #yolo

Spent two consecutive days at Salon Vim 313, while my hairstylist that day, Gary, (who happens to be the owner of Salon Vim as well) painstakingly bleached the sh*t out of my hair, and finally achieved the colour I wanted, with a mixture of Hot and Cotton Candy pink for the ends, over a span of 8 hours (two separate days) I was really happy until it hit me how hard it was to NOT get weird stares when I'm on the streets... Then I started to feel insecure and thought I go two shades darker instead.

I swear I'm like the last person any salon would ever want to serve, cos I waste an abundant amount of their resources. Hahaha.

I thought I'd get used to it after awhile, but I only felt worse. Hence, I decided to revisit Vim again. As mentioned above, to go a little darker.

This time, it only took approx 45 minutes for the entire process cos I just told Gary what I wanted and he gave me EXACTLY what I requested for, with the help of his two assistants.

Anyway, he came up with the colour on his own, so in case you wish to attain the same colour, you'd have to book an appointment with him. 

He told me to give it a name, and I hastily called it "Olive" in my futile attempt to sound sophisticated... not. Pink + Olive, that's how the partial title of this entry "Pinkaolive" came about.

AT LEAST I TRIED. Just so you know, I'm horrible at coming up with names... I'd probably name my future child by the first thing I see when he/she is given birth... Like, Blood perhaps. Kidding.

I've never loved any hair colour as much as this before, and I named it Olive cos it's a cool brown colour with a slight green undertone. 

Conclusion? I LOVE IT!!!

I'd say the same thing even if I was given a million bucks to say that I dislike it.

Okok, enough of my grandma-talk. Here are some pictures taken on the day my hair was done to end off this post off! 

Book an appointment today at: 
Singapore 238895
TEL: 68847757 / 68847767 
235 Victoria Street Singapore 188027
Tel +65 6837 0073 / +65 6837 0045