Have you ever wished your feelings could be controlled with just one button? Like you could choose when to feel, and when not to?

I find it funny how karma is used so pretty darn often, but does it truly exist? I grew up with the mentality that one would be rewarded with good karma for the good deeds they do, but it appears to me that not only it doesn't exist... It's the same when it comes to bad karma.

Why do I feel that so many people can get away with a whole lot of bad things they do? How is it fair that people who hurt you get to live by each day in happiness, when you've to scrape through it in agony?

So what if you do a million good things, if they are all gonna be forgotten for that one bad thing you do? Do majority really remember you for the things you did for them, or for that thing you did to them?

Some people definitely don't deserve my kindness, but I continue to give... I feel like I'm left with nothing else to give and I'm filled with grief and indignation.

I've never asked for anything back in return, "but is this what I deserve?" a question I've been asking myself. I'm always so concerned about how everyone around me feels, but who would actually care about how I feel?

When you're needed, you're remembered. When you're of no use, you're non existent...

Well, I'm fine... Guess it's just one of those evenings I've questions like these popping up as I ponder over the way human beings are wired at times.

Yet another pointless rant.