Finding the right frame.

Have you ever wondered what kind of face shape are you, and which type of sunnies would best suit you? If you have, I hope that by the end of this post you would be able to have a clearer understanding and find out where to get yourself a suitable pair of sunnies!

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  1. Oblong - Opt for something which thicker and rounder frames, this creates an illusion of a shorter face.
  2. Oval -  Try finding frames with edge, preferably a pair of square-framed or cat-eye sunnies! Make your face the centre of attention!
  3. Round - A square or rectangular-shaped frame with suit your face shape best! This helps your face appear more angular.
  4. Rectangular/Square - In contrast to all three above, go ahead with thin and round frames! Avoid rims that are too bold
  5. Triangular - A pair of wayfarer's would look fine on you! Big and rectangular. This will help balance out the features on your face.
  6. Diamond/Inverted Triangle- Rectangle frames with soft edges would help to soften your features. Thick and hard frames are a definite no-no!
  7. Heart - Horizontally-oval or thick square frames would direct people's focus to the centre of your face, instead of your chin. 
Now that you have probably that figured out, let me share with you a place where you could get your sunnies!

Keeping up to date with current trends, whether it's prescribed, or just as an accessory, Visual Mass provides you with a wide variety of inexpensive spectacles and sunnies.

 Prescription eyewear simply should not cost over $300. In the optical industry, many large companies control prices and reap huge profits from consumers who have no options to choose from. In addition, optical stores have huge rentals, overheads and salaries to cover. This inflates prices further and is unjust to consumers.

However, at Visual Mass, own a pair at only $45 and those of you with prescriptions, you just have to top up another $50! :)

With the optical trend being eminent in the ‘Eyes on Style’ era, individuals not only desire casual & comfortable eyewear. They desire a little more sophistication and sleek especially when they are out in town. Therefore, Visual Mass keeps it suitable for casual, the work and also your night out. They keep their designs within the vintage feel while adding a contemporary twist.


Without further ado, let me show you my picks!

Unlike many stores that sell really "cheap" specs and sunnies as low as $10, they spoil really easily and they don't provide you with a box! Although the second point seems nearly negligible, but I think for someone like me, who has a sky-high tendency of sitting on and breaking an eyewear... I'm thankful that the standard white Visual Mass casing comes with every purchase of their eyewear, while the wood case serves as a gift box which is retailing at $15.

The first piece is Alumbra, similar to something I already have... there are scratches all over the lens of my old pair. Oops.

Anyway I probably have a diamond face shape, but Against the so called "rules" I've stated above, I like wearing ANY frame that I personally think look good on myself. Well, I guess you can derive from this that I'm pretty much a rebel. You can join my league if you're too cool for those rules :p

Have I mentioned how hardy the quality of these shades feel? Not that I'll ever attempt to sit on them, but they seem to be able to withstand that pressure lmao.

I love the embellishments on this second piece, Jenzo Chimera. How fanciful.

As you can see, not only do they cater to the ladies, they cater to guys as well. So guys, time to pick something to match your own style today! 

I guess it's so much easier to shop for eyewear online, and you can get them within a day or two upon payment. Besides, two things I really love about their service, they provide free SG/MY delivery and have a 90 days Exchange & Refund policy! Whuaaaat.

However, if you hate the wait, or wish to try these eyewear on before purchasing, toss your worries aside!

You can visit The Showroom @ *SCAPE Underground, #01-A1, 2 Orchard Link, *SCAPE Building, Singapore 237978 They have a physical store there! :)

Specially for you guys, remember to quote "NAOMINEO" to choose a free pair of Sunglasses from the Visual Mass Collection with any purchase of FRAME with LENSES. (Promotion lasts for 1 month, until *14 April)

How you can redeem?
Online (Webstore -
1. Purchase any Frame with Lenses
2. Key in promotional code: NAOMINEO in the Additional Notes (prescription box) with the name of the complimentary Visual Mass Sunglasses
Physically (Orchard Scape Showroom)
1. Purchase any Frame with Lenses
2. Inform our staff the promotional code: NAOMINEO and you'll be able to redeem your complimentary Visual Mass Sunglasses

And finally... *Drum rolls*




The *VM Contest - 16GB Wifi i-Pad Air Giveaway!!!

Steps to participate:
1) Finding out the names of the Sunglasses that I am wearing.
2) Repost my Instagram collage photo with the hashtag: #vmcontest for the month of March and naming the individual sunglasses. (Eg: 1. Frame Name, 2. Frame Name) with the caption "I love your choice!" @Visualmass

The winner (post with the highest likes) will be selected in a week's time through Instagram, so stay tuned to their Insta page!!!

Terms & Condition
1. By entering the contest, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.
2. The contest is open to Singapore residents only.
3. The contest starts 5pm SGT on 16 March 2014 and ends on 22 March 2014 at 5pm SGT
4. The judging process will take place immediately following the end of contest.
5. Your Instagram account must be set public and the eligible photo must be tagged #vmcontest
6. Your Instagram account must be personal and any non-identifiable or anonymous account will not be considered part of this contest and immediately disqualified.
6. Inappropriate, obscene, threatening, dangerous, or abusive content is not permitted, and those entries will be disqualified. No spam or unlawful content is permitted. All content must comply with Instagram terms of use.
7. The contest is free of charge, and the entrant may submit only 1 entry.
9. If you are awarded a prize and are unable to claim your prize, there is no in place compensation. The giveaways are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
10. This contest is based on the popularity of the post and chance plays no part in the selection process.
11. The winner will be notified via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and on our website sometime after the close of the contest on 22nd March 2014.