Fluttering Eyelashes

It's been nearly 3 months since I last had eyelash extensions on. I remember how I used to be really dependent on them, and had to return to the store to redo/get a touch up once in every 3 weeks. Imagine the amount of money I spent back then. Not trying to say that I'm rich, cos I'm not... Just vain perhaps :D

Moreover, I can skip mascara, which saves me some time in the morning, and I don't have to go through the hassle of removing it at the end of each day. Don't you girls hate removing waterproof mascaras?

I got my lashes done at FEP initially, and even though I patronised them for months, I didn't really like their service due to several bad experiences I encountered. (Shall name this shop X, cos I don't think it's nice to sorta "defame" them.)

1) Some of shop X's staff were really rough when they did my eyelashes on certain unfortunate occasions. Given the benefit of doubt, it's probably cos they were busy and had to rush... But hello, my eyes are extremely delicate!!!

2) I HATE how I had to wait for nearly 15mins before the glue dries, even with the help of an electronic fan to speed up the process. Not to mention, it BURNS if you accidentally open your eyes before they are completely dried. If you wear contact lenses like me, then f your life... It's like god damn "eyes on fire" for good 5mins.

3) Their lashes don't really last, like they fall off within a week at times.

4) I suffered from sore-eyes thrice last year! (The number of sacrifices made for the sake of beauty... -_-)

I won't deny that I had the impression it's the same for all places at the beginning, but it wasn't until I received an email from Milly's to ask if I was interested in giving their service a try.

Despite how raved it was at one point, cos many bloggers had their nails and lashes done there as well, I wasn't exactly open to the idea as I thought I was pretty comfortable with the current one I had back then (although their service sorta suck).

Well, Milly on the other hand was really nice and suggested a "trial session" so that I could have a better idea on how they work, and I could decide thereafter. Why not? I gave it a go.

To my surprise, it was a commendable experience and I was really pleased with their service.

Not only were the staff extremely courteous and amiable, they were receptive towards my demands. Also, it's usually done within 30-40 mins without having to waste 15 mins in "blindness" for my lashes to dry.

I also appreciate the fact that they have rooms instead, unlike how it's usually done in an open area at many other places. *Bonus point

Price ranges from $55-$75, and because I usually opt for single-lash extensions, mine's $75 instead.

What differentiates the single-lash extension from the usual ones? As its name suggests, single strands of eyelashes are put on, one at a time. Normal eyelash extensions have several strands of lashes in each bundle. (Refer to pic below)

& Similar to normal eyelash extensions, there's a variety of lengths you can choose from.

(Top) - Normal. (Bottom) - Single.

As you can see, there's actually a vast difference between the two. One's a little more unnatural and dramatic, the other's more natural, however requires a painstaking effort for it to be done.

So it's up to you which look you wish to to obtain!

In case if you were wondering whether the process hurts, nope it doesn't!

They also provide other services such as manicure and pedicure, as well as hair extension.

Haven't tried their hair extension service, but I've done my nails there a couple of times previously, and will do a separate review on them another time.

I usually look for this lady, Gina to do my lashes and they can last up to a month if you take good care of them!

Anyway, I'm not really sure if other places have started using this, but Milly's has brought in a new kind of lashes some time ago, and it's soft as fur!!! The old ones can be a little too stiff at times, and they irritate my eyes when I sleep.

I guess that helps the lashes to appear more natural as well.

Okok, I think you guys have read enough!!! Here are some pictures!

*Apologies for not taking a "before" picture, kinda slipped off my mind, but to give you a rough idea... It's nearly half the length of the extensions! Unlucky asian :(


You can either book your appointment online:

Or give them a call!

Far East Plaza
    14 Scotts Road #03-131
    Singapore 228213
    Tel: 67376723
    Operating Hours : 11am - 10pm (Mon - Sun)
    (Inclusive of Public Holidays)

 Booking & Enquries: 


Bugis Village
    Bugis Village Extension,
    Level 2 @ Bom Bom street, DESL No. 3, 4, 5
    Tel: 63384137
    Operating Hours : 12pm - 10pm (Mon - Sun)
    (Inclusive of Public Holidays)

 Booking & Enquries: 

Get long, luscious lashes too! :)