Quality time

How's Lunar New Year for all of you this year?

When I was a child, it was all about having fun - 3 Blind mice, Catching, Hide-N-Seek, Ice and Water... Hahaha, I'm not really sure what people of other generations do, but that was what I played at my time.

Then there came early teenage days, where you're just interested to know how much does each Red packet contain and kinda long to go home.

Now? Guess I'm probably at the stage where it's all about family bonding.

Personally, the past two days were really great mainly because I get to spend quality time with my family. As I grow older, the red packets don't seem to matter as much anymore. (Note it's not as much, not don't matter at all. Lmao) Instead, being able to reunite with your kin and spend a couple of hours just catching up, taking a stroll down memory lane and reminiscing on our early years... That's what I love most.

I think it's an ineluctable part of our lives; that at a certain point we'd fear to lose the people around us. In this case, our family members... Cos they are the only ones who would usually be there for us till the end of time. And yeah, I don't wanna have any regrets for not devoting my time to the right people.

Okok, this is too much, I sound like an old woman. Moving on.

I've like a huge family tree, on both my maternal and paternal side. So I had two full days of visiting... Like literally from 9am to 12am. Let's not even get started with the terrible weather that enervated the shit out of me, and above that, I was so sleep deprived :( So anyway, here are some pictures taken!

Before I end this off, here's to another quirky, crazy Chinese New Year for everyone! Click on the videos below to get through all the do's & dont's and chill together as one big happy family! 旺啊!

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Enjoy yourselves!