Tame your hair

Previously in one of my blog posts, I mentioned about my severe hair loss and suggested a method as to how you could solve that problem (here), and I thought I'd share a little tip with you guys on how to tame frizzy hair today!

As most of you would know through personal experience or the people around you, it's rather tough to avoid getting your hair damaged if you constantly dye, bleach and heat your hair. And in my case, I've done all three... Not just once, but an uncountable number of times. Well, you can roughly imagine how bad the condition of my hair is at the moment.

It saddens me a little whenever I look back on the past and recall how I used to have thick and healthy hair. Would totally use all possible adjectives in the vocabulary to describe how good it used to be, but god damn it, it's like a stack of hay now anyway.

Anyway, it kinda bothered me and took me forever before I decided to do something about it. Many would suggest to go for treatment, which indeed, is a good idea. However, I'm obviously not that industrious and was desperately searching for alternatives - Guess what? I've finally figured out how to get smooth-looking hair throughout the day in just one simple step!!! *Jumps for joy*

(Do read till the end for something really special!)

Received two new products from Sunsilk in a pretty pink pouch, embellished with flora details; The Instant Smoothening cream and Instant Damage Reconstruction cream.

Along with those two products, they were really kind to drop in another two O.P.I nail polish, with colours that complement the two hair creams. Yay!

Sugar or spice?

Right let's begin! So this is my hair before I apply anything on - Dry, frizzy and it looks as if it's beyond redemption.

Firstly, apply a few sprays of Sunsilk's Nourishing & smooth spray-on conditioner. The Nourishing Oil Spray is a bi-phase spray containing 5 natural oils and milk that is sprayed on hair.

I'd usually part my hair into two, and spray 4-5 times on the ends before I brush my hair through thoroughly. (You can repeat these two steps for better results.)

Second step is to apply either of Sunsilk's Leave-on Creams; 1) Instant Damage Reconstruction or 2) Instant Smoothening cream. Both contain an instant boost of moisturise, to smoothen frizzy and unmanageable hair, as well as soft styling polymers, which makes hair flexible and easy to style. The difference is that both are designed for different hair needs. As mentioned above, my hair has gone through quite a bit of chemical processes so I use the Instant Damage Reconstruction Cream as my second step.

So pour a dollop on your palm.

Use your hands and apply it directly from mid-length to the ends.

And brush through once you're done.

Doesn't it look a lot better?!

Not only are they non-greasy, I'm absolutely in love with the scent. :p

If the previous comparison was almost imperceptible, I'm pretty sure you could tell from this though! 

So, I'd usually apply the Nourishing Oil Spray at home and pack either of the Leave-on Creams out with me. Thankfully, the leave-on creams are convenient to bring with me on the go!

You can always incorporate their shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment to achieve better results. (Which is what I've been doing.) I won't promise you beautiful looking hair overnight if you've severely damaged hair, but I can assure you'd be able to notice a prominent improvement in no time.

I'm really in love with them hehe. You can get them at any local drugstores or supermarkets at only $5.90! And needless to say, they've become part of my essentials that I've to leave my house with.

Well as promised, I've got two good news to share with you guys!

1)   I've become one of the four ambassadors of Sunsilk 2014.
So as mentioned a while ago, I did a shoot for Sunsilk that was featured on Cleo’s February issue and if any of you managed to get your hands on a copy, you would have seen the Cleo hair booklet as well! For those of you who’ve always wanted to find out how to do the side braid, you can follow the steps in there!

Well, there’s lots more of that to come so stay tuned throughout the year and I’ll try to get everyone first hand information on Sunsilk and its launches!:)

2) Instagram Contest: Win a personal Hair Styling Makeover and $100 Sunsilk Hamper!

So Sunsilk is having their long awaited Pop-Up Salon for a second year in a row. A few other Gushcloud bloggers and I will be down for the first one happening this 15th Feb, at Bugis+, from 11am-9pm.

I will be specially picking 5 winners to personally style your hair and on top of that, you will receive a $100 Sunsilk Hamper too! But of course, you will need to follow the following steps:

1. Upload a picture on Instagram of a hairstyle that best depicts a Sunshine Babe! I would strongly encourage you to create your own hairstyle. Go get creative!!
2. In your caption, state why you deserve the prize and please remember to hashtag #sunsilkgoodtimes and #NaomiXSunsilk so that I can track it!

Contest ends on 12th Feb at 3pm!

Good luck!