As you can see, I've finally changed my web design after agessssss. It's like I've been making small changes here and there from my old template (if you actually noticed lol) Guess it's about time for a change-change. It's not exactly done yet though, there are still some minor adjustments to be made, so please do be patient! 

I thought I wanted a new look after my 18th, and also something "cleaner" and more organised to ease your readability. Hope it serves its purpose!

Anyway, here are some of the other pictures taken during my shoot with @Multifolds It was my second time working with him, and I must say it was a really good experience. I think it's necessary to bring this up, for how he really caters to the needs of his clients. Thanks Mel!

Alright, enjoy the pics! I'll be uploading more of them soon. :)

Have a blessed Chinese New Year!