Team Singapore Girl Power

If you haven't heard of the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games), the first ever game was hosted by Bangkok, Thailand in 1959. And after 44 years, the 27th SEA Games was hosted by Myanmar from 11 to 22 Dec 2013, at the Capital Naypyitaw and Yangon recently!!!

The two main objectives of the SEA games:
1) To improve the friendship among SEAP Countries. 
2) To compete with higher level in Asian and Olympic Games using their skills and performance to Youth in the region.

Therefore, in 1959, to celebrate the 1st SEAP Games was decided in Bangkok, Thailand and to organize it between the period of Asian and Olympic Games once in every two years.

There were a massive number of sports included this year, and to name a couple of them: Badminton, Basketball, Wrestling, Archery, Football, Canoeing, Judo and many others.

Not forgetting to mention, the impressive results our female athletes have achieved! Let's all bask in the glory of our winning teams from Singapore!


Anyway sidetrack - Have I ever mentioned how I used to be in Athletics when I was in primary school? And I took part in all the Sport's Carnivals from the age of 9-16.

And I've received 5 Silver Medals, 6 Gold Medals, and 3 Bronze Medals - mainly for 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay. Hahaha, I'm such a showoff. Can't stand it.

BUT C'MON, it's just one of the only few times... Get over it.

Ok, I've to stop stealing the limelight. Back to the girls who did us proud!

Here are some of the outstanding results:

 Archery: Chan Jing Ru – First Lady Archer To Win Individual Gold for Singapore In 30 Years (Click here to read more)

Rowing: Saiyidah Aisyah – The only rower representative at the  27th SEA Games. The 25-year old is the first rower to win Gold since the 1997 SEA Jakarta Games, (Click here to read more)

Cycling: Dinah Chan – First Gold medal in Cycling since the 1997 Jakarta SEA Games. Her win was inspiring as she had recently just bounced back from an accident where she collided with a car along East Coast Park during one of her training sessions on 16 Sep this year. (Click here to read more)

Shooting: Nicole Tan – SEA Games debutant who won an individual Gold in the 25m Pistol event. Nicole Tan also teamed up with Teh Xiu Hong and Teo Shun Xie in the team women's 25m pistol (rapid fire) event. Singapore get team silver with 1,699 points. (Click here to read more)

Equestrian: Janine Khoo – Only 16 years of age but already a Gold medalist in the individual Jumping event. It was Singapore’s first Equestrian Gold since the 1995 Chiang Mai Games. (Click here to read more)

 Swimming: Amanda Lim – Fastest swimmer in the SEA region for the 3rd time and setting a new Games record of 25.69s. (Click here to read more)

 Athletics: Dipna Lim Prasad – Bronze in the 400m Hurdles. Singapore first-ever medal in the event. She also sets a new National Record and records her personal best with the time of 59.56s.

I'm really impressed! Especially Dinah’s (the cyclist) “Nothing is Impossible” positive attitude; many would've given up or lost hope in her situation, but her perseverance didn't go in vain, I'm so glad she hung on and won ultimately!


It saddens me how women are usually stereotyped as the "weaker ones" compared to men, but I beg to differ!

Men in general can be physically stronger compared to many women, but that doesn't mean that all girls are incompetent! Guess the results shows it all.

Time, commitment, and lots of hard work have been put in in order to attain these spectacular results, amazing girl power!!!


Since we are talking about sports, the 7th ASEAN PARA games 2014, Myanmar will commence on the 14th of January this year.

Not only are there big competitions for the abled-bodied athletes, there are also competitions for the disabled athletes who are as passionate as them. One of which is the ASEAN Para Games, which is hosted traditionally by the same country and sport venue where the Southeast Asian Games takes place. This is to cater to para-athletes with mobility and visual disabilities.

I find this really meaningful and encouraging, as it is an opportunity for the physically disabled to be a part of their favorite sport. Showing their passion, working towards their aim and not be disheartened by their disabilities. Really look upon their positivity and becoming stronger as a person. Let’s all support the Team Singapore athletes who will be taking part, together!

These are two of the participants:
Yip Pin Xu – Team Singapore Para Swimmer
Nurulasyiqah Md Taha – Team Singapore Boccia Player

(Click here) to watch a video and find out more about how they have been an inspiration to people around them!
You can also follow our athletes’progress at the ASEAN Para Games on and show your support via #ourteamsg!

In red to show my support!!!