Never Enough

I'm only human. I have feelings, I make mistakes, I have an unpleasant side, I am NOT perfect. I'm so tired of living under this pressure you put on me, this ever-changing expectation you have for me that I can never keep up to.

Every time I try my best, it still seems like it's not good enough for you. Why do you have to concentrate on my pettifogging little shortcomings, instead of appreciating me for how much I've already tried to fit to your standards?

I'm weary and despondent. You make me feel like I'm a good for nothing, cos nothing I do is ever considered "remarkable" in your eyes.

I failed, but stood up strong so many times... I've never been disheartened by all your little remarks which you said to hurt and break me, but I guess even the most patient person on earth has their own limitations.

I'm not mad, I just hate how it feels when I try so hard, but nothing's ever right. It's exhausting. 

I'm on the verge of giving up.

Outerwear - Topshop

Photo Credits: @Smittenpixels