Soaked in bliss.

2014 started off pretty well I suppose. Had a 30 mins gig for the Smoove Collision party yesterday, and spent the rest of the night with a bunch of dimes. 

Anyway, I've never really thought of any new year resolutions this time. I don't know what's ahead of me, I can't tell what's gonna happen tomorrow, but for now - I just really wanna be happy. Won't expect too much this year, cos I think it's time I learn my lesson that expectations will only lead to disappointments.

I won't ask for things to be perfect, cos one can only get better with the help of setbacks in life - So I just hope I could start looking at things with a more positive mindset, and make the best of everything this year.

Time to work hard again in a couple of days, hope I'd still have the time to update this space regularly when school reopens.


Anyway, here are some pictures taken by @Smittenpixels featuring two beautiful apparels from Fox-out

Happy 2014 to all of you my precious gems.