Wet pillows, swollen eyes, breathing difficulties... Those nights you wish you could sleep and didn't have to wake up ever again, those nights you lie in bed for hours wondering how your life would've turned out to be if you made a different decision, those nights you stay up just to think about someone who probably forgotten about you... I guess most of us have experienced that before.

We all bound to face those days where we just wanna ditch our phone, disconnect from the world and indulge in some alone time, or maybe just go missing for a few hours and check back in to see if anyone actually notices your disappearance. Sounds stupid, but you get my drift.

I think it feeling unhappy and having a pessimistic outlook on certain things in life, is inevitable. No matter how positive someone is, we all have our bad days and we will all, at some point feel like the whole world's crashing down just because of one person...

They always say to live your life for you, not for anyone else, but then again, if you don't live for something, you'll just end up dying for nothing. Hahaha, so that being said -

Find the right person that's worth the pain. Someone who brings out the best in you, not someone you've to be the best for.


Don't regret anything, cos every mistake is a lesson learnt and don't ever let one bad day, make you feel like you've a bad life.
Just some random thoughts I had. Anyway, here are some outfit pictures taken recently :)

Bottom: Depression
Outerwear - Topshop
Shoes: ZARA

Photo Credits: @Smittenpixels