What's Coming Up

Exhausted exhausted. The weekend was rather hectic and I guess staying up for three nights in a row, with two entire days of filming was the worst decision ever made. I hardly fall sick, but when I do I feel like it drains off all my energy... So this is my lackadaisical attempt to blog.

Spent my entire Sat & Sun filming, editing and studying, how interesting


Personally, Chinese New year's one of the only few occasions I get to reunite with my long-distance relatives, (Ok, not exactly long-distance, they just live at the other side of S'pore which I rarely visit hahaha) but yeah... I'd lie if I say I'm totally apathetic about em' red packets *evil grins* but more importantly, it's the warmth I feel within during these gatherings.

Even though it feels slightly different, for how we've all grown older, and how most of the time our mobile phones and other forms of technology act as a hinderance/distraction to our communication, I still have this tiny little hope that I could take my mind off my troubles and have fun during this period.

So anyway, here are some pictures from the BTS for the Starhub shoot I had for their upcoming Chinese New Year WANG AH TVC. Yeah, I'm playing grandma with Hao hao. Can't wait for the video to be released! It's really funny haha.

With one of the cutest 4 yr olds I've ever met. 

Met so many cool people and caught up with people like Dee. Nearly 10 hours of shoot, but it was all worth it! It'll be out on CNY, so I'll share more details on what's it about when it's closer to that day!