Have worked with tons of online stores over the years, but I've never been more excited than this. 

What's your definition of happiness? They always say, "Money can't buy true happiness," but if all these superficiality can be traded for a moment of joy, why not? No doubt, it's only temporary, but who cares!!!

I was soaked in bliss upon seeing the HVV Moodbox when I woke up that morning. I wasn't expecting much before receiving it, but I was so contented that I texted one of the owners, Sophie the moment I opened the box...

Besides being efficient (the box was sent to me almost as soon as I had my orders submitted), 

thumbs up for the exquisite packaging (I love how the items were placed in such a way. I would've ripped everything apart to express my excitement, but then again, it'd be such a waste to ruin this beautiful box. Besides, I've been a rather frequent buyer of a lot of American-based online stores such as, ASOS, Nastygal etc - And I usually spend a minimum of $300 and maximum of $700, but I don't remember receiving my parcels in any special packaging),

also, the fabric and quality of each item I received was of surprisingly good standard. For their rather reasonable prices, not only were they not paper-thin, but they didn't make me feel like I was wearing some inexpensive clothing which are easily attainable at places like Bugis street.

 I can still receive "garbage," for paying up to 80 bucks at times, and for the fact that HVV's stuff are probably around $30 on avg... Kudos to them.

If you're looking for things to pair along with your outfits, they actually sell an amazing variety of outerwear, shoes, and accessories too. 

Here are some of the things they chose for me that came in my Moodbox.

So anyway, are you one of those regular online shoppers that can hardly make up your mind on the things you wish to buy, due to the crazy amount of things these shops sell at times?

I definitely fit somewhere along the category of "indecisiveness," so it caught my attention when Sophie kindly explained to me how their exclusive HVV moodbox worked.

Basically, it's a subscription plan of gift-box to be delivered to a customer every month, based on their subscription plan (3 or 6 months). Contents of the HVV Moodbox is specially and carefully put together by the HVV styling team, based on your fashion mood which can be reflected by filling in the Mood Box subscription survey as follows: 

These were my picks!

Pretty cool isn't it? I'm not sure if this idea's new in the market, but it's definitely new to me. I LOVE surprises; just so because, the older I become, the lesser I receive. 

So every now and then, these good surprises makes me happy. At least for something like this, you know you'll probably still end up liking the items, because you already gave them an idea of what you're looking for. Hence, I believe it can hardly go wrong.

Haven't tried out the rest of the outfits, but I'll show you guys how I pair them up when I get to wear them!

Anyway before I end this post, HVV came up with a really special giveaway just for y'all!!!

Wanna receive your very own Moodbox?! Follow the instructions above and you'd stand a chance to win one! All the best cupcakes. X