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Christmas has always been my favourite festive season since I was young. When I make this statement, I'm sure most of you would be like, "DUH. Isn't it the same for everyone?!" Well, I'm not sure about you, but what I mean is that it holds a sentimental value and it means a lot to me.

Not the presents and joy we receive from that day itself, but the time I get to spend with my loved ones. Especially my family.

As we grow older, we get sick and tired of family gatherings; We start to use these titles, "Naggy Mother" and "Neglectful Father" more frequently. I've always been baffled by people who hate their parents. What's worse would be people who openly discuss their hatred towards kin.

I guess it's part and parcel of majority of our lives that there will be a point where we start to dread hanging out as a family, and spending quality time with one another.

I've already gone through that stage, and it's funny because after all... It's pretty much like a cycle for most of us. When you're young, your parents are always there, then you start to drift apart during your teenage days. And lastly, you'd still end up realising they are the only two people you know for sure, will never turn their backs against you.

I'm not sure how it feels like to be in the shoes of those of you, whose parents don't give you the attention you pine for, and I apologise if I'm being insensitive in any way.

It took me quite awhile to finally understand that... "Blood is thicker than water," as cliche as it sounds... I believe all of you would eventually realise this too.

It's sad how Christmas is one of the only few reasons why people get to meet.

If you don't already know, I'm the only child in my family. I won't deny, it gets boring and lonely once in awhile... Indeed, I've received my fair share of perks along the way as well.

That being said, my cousins who share the same surname, take up quite an abundant amount of space in my heart too.

That's why it saddens me how our distance grows along with our age. 

That's what I hate. Spending too much time with certain people, cos before you know it, you start to feel attached to them. There comes the downside of it, when you guys drift, or when they leave.

That feeling is horrible. If you haven't experience it, lucky you. It sucks.

So anyway, I think that pretty much sums up why X'mas is so important to me, cos it's one of the rare times I get to feel this close to my family again.




So as usual, what's Christmas without a spirit of giving?!

Received a huge package of goodness a few days back, from Edible Blossoms

Basically, they are an online gifting platform that offers cake pop and chocolate gift arrangements. These arrangements are a great novel gift for friends, families and even clients. 

Best part? They have a wide range of products suitable for every occasion. So it's not necessarily only suitable for Christmas!

Edible Blossoms currently offers 2 flavours for our cake pops: Citrus Lemon and Chocolate Truffle. Customers can opt for islandwide delivery or self collection (If you're too cool to wait.)

I've gotten the Rainbow pack and I love its exquisite design and how it's packaged. The pastel-coloured cake pops are just so irresistible. 

It tastes like chocolate on the outside, and cupcake on the inside to me. And I love cupcakes, but they are super fattening lol. However, because of how sweet the cake pop is, I believe one is enough to satisfy your tastebuds! It's really good, and it makes you crave for it! Haha, at least that was what happened to me.

If you're troubling over what to get, I guess this is something you can't go wrong with. (Unless that person doesn't have a sweet-tooth.)

Anyway, for the month of December, they are having a festive special where customers get a 10% discount off all products.

Enter the discount code “FESTIVE10PC” at checkout to enjoy the discount! ;)

Click (here) to be directed to their Christmas-edition.

Have a wonderful week ahead!