Sydney Haul

Can you believe I actually filmed my haul video 4 times?!! (K, don't answer it. It's a rhetorical question.) Not like cutting, and recording 4 times. I mean I literally retook it 4 times, on 4 different days. It was a terrible experience, but I really want the two videos to end up being something you guys would wanna watch, so I didn't mind the sacrifice. Can't stand myself, damn act yi ge. 

And due to how long the entire video is, I've separated them into two parts in order to accommodate your comfort levels. 

Sorry I took so long. It took me 3 days to realise my entire video couldn't be uploaded (each attempt took more than 10 hours). Gawd. Alright, enough of all the pointless rantings. So here they are!!!

Enjoy!! Be back with a giveaway tomorrow ;)