Sydney 07.

I love the beach. If there's anywhere in the world I'd die to live at, it'd be here in Aus, by the shore. I wish we had a life like this in Singapore, where everyone's so laid back and worry-free.

Yea, life's more interesting when it's filled with challenges and setbacks... But it makes us all weary and hurt. 

Honestly, I'd pick a monotonous yet simple life, than a life I can hardly ever manage. 

This isn't the best place amongst all that I've been to, but it's certainly the best getaway I could ever ask for in years.

I used to be the kind who would whine the entire day if I was cut-off from the internet even just for an hour, but I'm actually enjoying how it feels to be away from all the drama going on online these days.

If today was my last day on earth, I'd probably die with no regrets.

Norah Head Lighthouse