Sydney 08 X 09.

Was pervaded by a dreamy languor; felt completely listless yesterday when I got back from a relatively long car ride, after a visit to the Hunter Valley.

Was lazing my way through before I grabbed a bite for dinner and proceeded to bed thereafter. So, apologies for the missing update!

Pitt St, Hunter Valley

So, it's finally coming to an end! I'd be returning to s'pore tmr. Time flies, doesn't it? (Lol, I'm talking as if I've been here for a year.)

Anyway, I'm definitely gonna miss this place so badly... It's probably gonna take awhile before I visit Aus again. It makes me sad. Really sad.

The beach, the freshly cut grass, the full bloom flowers, waking up to the smell of coffee and pastries... Not forgetting the people.

Caught between two; Feeling kinda homesick, but I don't wanna leave this place either.

Oh well... On a brighter note, I can't wait to film my haul video!

Pelican Feeding, The Entrance

I'll come back soon, I promise. X