Make up using drugstore products!

Sharper looking face?

Poutier/Fuller-looking lips?

Bigger eyes?

Hehe, today I'm gonna show you how to achieve all of these in one post using inexpensive products that you can easily find at local drugstores!

I realized apart from my first (failed) makeup tutorial I had on my Youtube page, I have never really incorporated that many drugstore products in my other makeup tutorials. 

SO... For the benefit of those who really wants to try out make up for the very first time, or those who prefers drugstore products over pricey, Sephora make up... Here's a video and post specially dedicated to you!

Well, as usual, this is just a post to elaborate further on the many other things I couldn't squeeze in, in my video.




Start off with a clean canvas. Cleanse your face and make sure it's squeaky clean before you apply any make up; Keeping your face clean can be of vital importance, cos after smacking on all em' make up, you wouldn't wanna clog your pores! Fyi, that will lead to breakouts eventually.

Normally, would you prefer cream or Liquid Foundation? Well, that depends on how much coverage you're looking at! Cream - Thicker, but matte. Liquid - Lighter, and dewy.

However, in this case, I'm gonna use the BB Watergel for a lightweight finish to keep the overall-look really natural.

BB creams are the best when you just need a slight tinge of colour on your face. You wouldn't want anything that covers up your natural skin too much.

Since applying BB cream can cause your face to look a little too glow-y sometimes, this next step can be crucial to some (optional) - Lightly pat on some powder to keep your face looking matte. (No shine) 

Can't go wrong with these two basic colours - Pink and Coral.

I chose to use the Coral blush (02 I'm so Energetic) for this look, as it blends better with my skin tone, and could easily be a substitute for a bronzer as well. 

Applying Bronzer doesn't only help to give an illusion of smaller-looking face, but it helps your features appear more prominent, as well as to give your face a healthier glow.

Anyway, don't mind my really bad skin-condition at the moment, haven't really been sleeping well and have been facing a lot of stress lately in all ways possible. 

So everyone thinks that I've perfect skin, but I honestly don't. Guess I've never taken a picture this close before, that's why most of you fail to notice the zillions of big, visible pores I have on my skin, due to the bad skin problems I used to face. :(

I actually considered getting the Benefit's Porefessional balm previously, but I thought it was rather costly, and I just didn't wanna spend that extra money on something I wasn't sure was gonna work anyway.

Who knew? Maybelline actually came up with their own Pore Eraser under their Baby skin line!!! I was overjoyed when I saw it! I'm not really sure which is better, cos I've yet to try Benefit's, but as of now... I think Maybelline won my heart, cos it really worked! And for all I know, it's definitely way cheaper.

It's transparent, (Great, because you wouldn't wanna parts of your face to have a different colour) and has this melts quickly into your skin upon application, with a powdery-finish.

Warm them between your fingers and apply it directly to your skin.

Notice the HUGE difference? I really like its consistency, and how it managed to minimize the visibility of my huge pores, making my face look smoother and softer.

I guess it's clear that this is my fav product among everything!

This master liner comes in three colours, (Black, white and brown) and I've used the black one to tight-line my waterline before I put on my mascara. This helps my lashes to appear fuller.

People have this misconception that putting on false lashes will make your eyes look "bigger", actually all it does is to intensify your eye make up, and gives you rapunzel-long lashes.

In fact, mascara helps to open up your eyes more and a trick to achieve super long and thick lashes?

Use two different mascaras!

I applied the Rocket mascara first, for volume, and since it is clump-free.

Followed by the Magnum Cat-eyes mascara for length. I only applied one coat each in my video because I wanted to keep it "natural," like they usually say, "a little goes a long way," but go ahead and apply more coats to witness a bigger difference!

Eyeliners are probably the ones that make the greatest difference when it comes to shaping your eyes.

The HyperSharp Liner, glides on easily without much effort and this helps a lot when it comes to shaping my eyes. I hate those eyeliners that you've to literally drag and tug your eyelids, ouch!

And I love how there isn't too much "product" at one go. You know how some liquid eyeliners are so watery, making it so hard to keep your line thin!   

As mentioned earlier on about the Masterline pencil liner, here's the white one!

White liners can be a little too heavy if you place them on your entire waterline, so underlining half-way through from the inner-corners would be enough.

Notice how it really brightens up and gives my eyes that extra "pop?"

Here's a clearer view on the lipsitck's details which I've used in the video! Only realized it was inverted while IW as editing my video.

They have a wide variety of colours for you to choose from too!

Three of my fav shades!

You don't necessarily need a red lipstick to give you that edgy look sometimes as well!

I think I've mentioned this before, but whatever - Lipsticks can really make a huge difference to your final look because a wrong choice of lipstick can cause your entire make up to look really heavy.

Since I went pretty light for my eyes, I could've gone with a bolder lipstick, but it's all about looking "natural" in this tutorial!

These are the current products I can't leave my house without putting in my makeup pouch now!

Most of the items here are below the price of 20, and you can easily find them at any supermarkets or drugstores such as Watsons and Guardian!

You might wanna check out their page (here) for more details! ;)

Hope these tips helped! Good luck.