A year has gone by, ever so quickly... Ironically, as much as I'd say 2012 was one of my worst years, it was actually the best too. It was so eventful and everyday was filled with a memory I'll never wish to forget, because all of it taught me so much.

Experiences can never be bought, and despite all the pain, I'm glad to have come this far.

The number of things that took place over the past couple of months could derange me, swear it's been a tough ride throughout this bumpy journey I had in school.

The transition from my 8 months-long hols to the beginning of school wasn't exactly abrupt, at least I had some time to allow everything to sink in, but somehow it was rather hard to adapt to a completely new environment.

Anyway this is gonna sound crazy, but for once, I've actually been loving school to quite an extent. And many would think that it's because of the company, but I'm actually referring to the insane amount of stress and work.

Was just having a talk with my dad when we were on the way home the other day after he picked me up from school, and I told him that I'm really torn apart from all that's happening to my personal life, but I'm aware of my priorities now.

Countless of sleepless nights and drenched pillows, but having a goal in life and loving what I'm doing now can't get any better.

I really enjoy this feeling, it's so much better than falling in and out of love, getting your heart broken. It's so much better than trusting someone only to realise they'd eventually end up as one of those with an ending like, "I should've saw this coming."

I've been going in circles for the longest time; feeling hopeless, living by the day, and not knowing what I really want, for once I just wish I could kick away that volatile and headstrong side of me, and be firm of my own decisions.

No more time to vacillate between this and that. Time to embrace the new me.

Just some pictures I've taken recently.

Dress from @whiteclothes

Top and bottom: @Topshop_sg

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