School's finally coming to an end!!! *Jumps for joy* Okay, not exactly an end. Just term-break. Which means I'll be flying off to Sydney real soon... In fact, in about a week's time.

I haven't been on good vacation for the past couple of years. Something unfortunate will always happen right before I leave, and most of the time they bother me so much that my heart and mind would be left here even though my soul's there.

Especially the last trip I made to Hong Kong when I lost almost 8 lbs in a week because of some issues I had with my ex bf.

And for once, I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that it'll all be fine as I'm really looking forward to this getaway.

Personally, nothing beats going to Australia. It's not that they have everything, it's just that that was the first place I've travelled to with my family at the age of 3 and it's also one of the countries I've been to most frequently. Nostalgia oh nostalgia - Which is why I really wish I could live there when I'm older.

So anyway, I've been wanting to get my hair dyed red again after the crazy amount of positive responses I've gotten a year ago, before I fly off.

Time for a change after 3 months of boring hair.

Just in case if you were wondering what happened to my left eye, I got hit by the barrier at the parking gantry. Worst moment of my life, hurt so bad that I burst into tears. Lmao, funny thing was... I screamed and everyone around thought my guy friend hit me. Oops.

Good thing is, it has pretty much recovered!

Picked the same shade of red again.

However, I wanted something different and Jamie (My stylist) suggested that I had my ends bleached for a sombre effect, and I agreed!

And after 3 hours of bleaching, dyeing and treatment... Here's the end result!

Here are some pictures I've taken over the past few days. Noticed that the red colour stayed on pretty well so far with the Redken products Jamie gave me, especially the  colour extend total recharge product above which helps treat my hair and retain its colour at the same time.

Pullover - Topman
Bag - Agnès B
Shoes - UNIF

Top - Uniqlo
Bag - Trussardi 

Don't forget to quote "NaomiNeo" to receive 10% off if you look for Jamie to get your hair done! :)

Salon Vim @ Bugis 
235 Victoria Street Singapore 188027 
+65 6837 0073 / +65 6837 0045