Mundane weekends.

Yep, that was what I had for breakfast this morning. It wasn't exactly what I would call a perfect, sumptuous meal to kick start the morning... But it was good enough to satisfy those easily-contented tastebuds of mine.

Got a ride from my dad this morning to Botanic Gardens. Felt genuinely diligent for once, because I got up at 7am on a day which I've no school to attend to.

I used to sleep my ass off till 3/4 in the afternoon. (Which is what people like my parents would call late. I mean that's probably cause they've yet to see my friends who are able to sleep up to 24hours. That's just way beyond insanity.)

It was only after I started to form a habit of waking up before 12 everyday, I started to feel like I was leading a much healthier lifestyle. Of course, this alone wouldn't be enough to help develop a healthy lifestyle, but it sure does make one's day a lot more meaningful and productive.

No doubt that there are still those rare occasions (which I'd name "off days") where I'll wake up slightly later, but I'm glad that my sleeping habits aren't that screwed up anymore.

Haha, I think I elaborated a little too much, now I'm losing my chain of thought on what I wanted to say just now. Moving on.

Met two of my awesome classmates, Lucas and Van to visit Bukit Brown's Cemetery for a photography session on our upcoming project. 

It was really creepy, but I was so stoked! I mean, how often would you have the guts to do something this outrageous? 

It was all good, until... We lost our way, and there was a sudden downpour in the aftermath of it. Well, the weather decided that losing our way in a Cemetery wasn't pathetic enough.



Finally got everything we wanted and finished studying after 6 good hours. -Faints in the most dramatic way I could ever imagine- 

Here's my expressionless face after studying for the entire weekend.




Sigh, I honestly feel a little upset about losing my "life" after school started. Yea, I'm out everyday, but it's to study most of the time. Even on my weekends, I'll either use them to finish up my personal work or stay home to rest. 

And above all these, I've so many other problems to deal with. Then there are people who make their problems my problem. Frankly, I'm really happy when people are willing to share their problems with me. It makes me feel important. Important enough to hold their secrets, and to be a part of their lives.

It's just that I feel really incapable of dealing with my own recently. 

Besides, what's worse than trying so hard only to have someone telling you, you're not good enough?

As much as I'd like to share more "exciting stuff" with you guys, besides all these stodgy rants, I really have nothing much to share.

Even shopping has to be online now. -Sobs- Oh well, on a brighter note... I've gotten quite a numb of stuff lately. Enough to do a new haul video pretty soon! (I'm also planning on a mega giveaway.) Stay tuned!!!



Just some pictures taken last Sat during dinner with Trix and Les, in between our study session.

Finally managed to dine at Nine Thirty by Awfully Chocolate. Was greeted with a row of really appealing chocolate pastries at the entrance.

Settled in as quickly as we sat down to order our food as we were all really hungry!!!

Couldn't help but to pick this dish from the menu when I saw "Poached egg" written under its name "Ninethirty's corned beef benedict." 

I've so much love for eggs. That's another reason why I'm really thrilled whenever a restaurant serves breakfast all day.

The irresistible sight of the corned beef, and sweet dough bun is undeniably as tasty as it looks.

Couldn't remember what were the names and prices of what my other two friends had, but mine was SGD16. Guessing theirs were around the same as well.

And they loved their meal too!

It was pretty filling, and I would've definitely ordered my fav Crème brûlée if I didn't feel so stuffed. It was a pretty decent meal, nothing too fantastic, but I'd say it's worth the price!

Address: 131 East Coast Road
Phone: 63452190
Opening hours: Sun - Thu: 10:00 - 22:00
Fri - Sat: 10:00 - 01:00
Eve of PH: 10:00 - 01:00

Do call to make reservations if you're planning on a trip there during the weekends (Esp in the evening.)