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The day before yesterday was probably one of my worst days for this entire month. I had a really bad breakdown in the midst of my painting class.

Not planning on elaborating further on what happened, but I guess I've just been really stressed lately. School, work, friends and over someone......

I always knew how people can't be trusted entirely, and despite how many terrible encounters I've faced, that were already equivalent to getting a huge slap from reality to wake up... I've yet to learn my lesson.

It's just tough. Take it as, I do remind myself not to, but I still tend to fall into it. Perhaps subconsciously. And I don't realize how much I actually trust these people until they screw up, and I get myself hurt.

Not to mention how my mind still wanders off back into the past at times, and how certain feelings still linger around until today.

It's been months, but I just can't seem to get back on my feet. Even though I thought I already did. Sigh. I feel pathetic.

Oh well, life's not always a bed of roses I guess? My priority now is to put my heart into my studies anyway, I don't really wanna bother about anything else for the time being. If my heart allows me to.




Met up with Aug yesterday in the evening for kinda like a "farewell date," bcos he'd be travelling abroad for awhile, and I'm really sad :( My heart felt so heavy, it feels like it sank right to the ground when we parted. I'm gonna miss this dude.

It has only been months, but you've been there ever since I lost someone really dear to me. And even though I've already said most of these things I'm about to say, to you over the phone, I just wanna take this opportunity to remind you how thankful I am for having you in my life.

You were part of the reason why I started to learn how to smile again. The advices you give at times really suck big time hahaha, but you're the perfect candidate who knows how to make me smile genuinely... Which is more than anything I could ever ask for.

Guess I'm gonna save the rest of what I've to say when I speak to you personally. Love ya beb.

So anyway, the shorts I'm wearing is from TOPAZETTE!

Here's a short introduction of them...

Founded in 2009 and revamped in 2013, Topazette is a fast growing online fashion label that offers competitive prices and pays attention to the needs of modern ladies without sacrificing style. With tops priced no higher than SGD30, it is the perfect place for shopaholics looking to fill their wardrobes with fashion forward apparels for both work and play!

They provide worldwide shipping at affordable rates too!
 What’s even better? Local delivery is completely FREE OF CHARGE!!!

Here are more pictures taken by Aug.

It's been a pleasure to be able to work with them, and I was having so much fun picking my items! Of course, I also had a hard time deciding since there was a wide variety of items.

I feel that I should have paired the shorts with a light top, preferably something close to white instead. & Would've went for the vintage look and throw on a white-collared shirt/blouse if I wasn't rushing this morning!!!

The frills at the end was what captivated my attention!

They've also given me this really lovely romper which has the prettiest colours and design on it!

Some of the other stuff that they are selling

Just to add on, they've sold more than 200 pieces of the Kaitlyn Cross-Back Top and Beryl X-back Top, which are back in stock! You can check them out and purchase it (here)

Time to pamper yourself and fill those wardrobes up ladies!

Remember to quote "Naomixtpz" for $2 off your total purchase!

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Till next time!