Ashincans / Salon Vim

So excited to share what I've gotten from Ashincans this time!

I don't know if I've mentioned this to you guys before, but even after working with so many different blog shops over the years, AIC has still remained as one of my top favourite blog shops until today.

Besides having a wide range of styles that cater to different individuals, majority of the things they sell have always been affordable, and definitely worth the price.

If you haven't already realized how much I love muscle-tanks... You should realize it by now.

Was like "OMG, I HAVE TO GET AT LEAST ONE OF THESE TANKS," upon looking at all the apparels. -Bimbo moment-

Paired it up with a snapback, and wrapped a cardi around my waist for a laid back "summer look." Felt like I was all dressed up to longboard lol.

Next piece that caught my attention has to be this Wine Candy Crush cut out dress. I really love the cut outs on the sleeves. Guess that was why I chose it. Besides, I also came to a realization on how my wardrobe has such a minimal amount of red.

Hahaha red snapback, hair and dress. I think I overdid it a little, but whatever. How often do you see someone pair such a feminine dress with a snapback? :p 

Just thought I could add some edge to it.

Anyway, it's selling like hotcakes, so grab it quickly!


and quote "NaomiNeo" to receive free normal postage until the end of Sept! :)

P/s They are launching their new collection later tonight @ 9pm, so do check them out!




Anyway, I've finally decided to be a little less lazy, and visit Salon Vim to get my hair treated. Lol, it has been shouting in my face "I'M DAMAGED" for quite awhile, but I just couldn't be bothered, and I left it unattended for the longest time.

Had a bunch of my hair chopped off some time ago and did the Keratin Treatment/Brazilian Blowout.

My hair was like a crazy lion's mane previously before I got the treatment. I'm not even kidding. And it can get really annoying, because I've to straighten my hair every day otherwise it'd look really messy. Some suggested that I should get my hair rebonded, but I didn't exactly want like straight-straight hair.

Besides, nothing annoys me more than having to sit in a fixed position that's totally out of my comfort zone, for hours.

I got really troubled for awhile. For a moment, I thought my only option left was to cut my hair short, which is as good as taking my life away. Kidding. 

So there was one time where I sat in at Salon Vim several weeks ago, and I shared my concern with my hairstylist, Jaime. Guess what? She told me there was actually an alternative!!! I was really taken aback, and excited!

Was so desperate to have all those frizz smoothened out, and my hair strengthened - Which are exactly what the Keratin treatment does. Yay!!!

And I'm so glad it worked way better than I expected. I was actually pretty worried it wouldn't have much of an impact, like the other treatments I've done previously. (If you've never bleached your hair before, a piece of advice... DON'T.)

BUT IT DID, and the whole process only took up to 30-45mins of my time!! The thing that surprised me most was that it didn't require any heat, and it was done after the treatment lotion was applied. I didn't even have to rinse it! Lol.  

If you face similar problems, you should totally go for this! It costs about SGD250-350 and lasts for about 3 months.

After the treatment, I also decided to change my hair colour again. I didn't really like how the ash brown was fading into this gold-ish blonde. 

Had a tough time deciding if I should go back to red or a dark colour. SO, I ended up with both!

After examining the condition of my hair, Jamie said that my hair colour was already light enough. So I didn't have to bleach it again. -Phew- 

Leaving the bottom part of my hair the same colour as before (dark brown), I dyed the middle part Magenta red, and the top part in this natural brown colour.

So excited and nervous!!!

I guess it turned out just the way I wanted it to!

Couldn't describe that feeling I get every time I get the perfect colour I want. Jaime really knows what's best for me, and tries her best to help me achieve what I request for.

So glad!

You can also visit their Facebook page to see some of the work done by their hairstylists. 

Call to book for an apt at Salon Vim Bugis - 235/235A Victoria Street Singapore 188027 with Jamie @ 68370073/68370045 :) Remember to quote my name as usual for 10% off.