What I've been up to lately

Just wanted to do a short update on what's going on in my life and some thoughts about what's happening lately.

Life has pretty much been the same for me - Hanging out with my friends, a bit of partying, boxing lessons, hunting for good food places, and just working on new stuff for you guys as usual! 

I guess the only few differences..... (Some of you might already know) I've actually decided to try out DJ-ing. Didn't really talk much about it bcos I foresee em' haters hatin' lol. I'm taking up lessons from School Of Music (SOM) with DJ Rattle, and I must say things are going pretty smoothly. I really look forward to classes every week. Rattle's like really patient with me as well. Besides, this is another one of the long-list of things I've incorporated into my life to help me alleviate stress.

Anyway, as much as I'd like to share my experience with you guys now... I think it's a little too early, so I'll share it when I'm confident enough and have something worth flaunting. Hehe, Kidding.

I've also been trying to spend more quality time with my family as much as possible, bcos recently it just hit me on how important my kin are. Not that I never knew this from the start, just that it has really gotten into me ever since I've finally experienced that whole situation of "everyone may turn their backs against you, but your family will definitely not. 

And I really don't wanna regret not spending sufficient time with them only when something happens someday. I've been through a lot of shit over the past two months, and I wouldn't have been here without my parents' and their unconditional love and concern... Haha k, not gonna elaborate further cos this isn't the purpose of this post.

I guess the last change is that I've changed my hair colour AGAIN. Won't be for long though, cos it's just a transitionary colour. (Will talk more about this at the end of this post)




Since we're talking about things that have happened in my life recently, I thought I could maybe share something that's a little more in depth, for instance...

Well, I mean I believe a crazy number of you should know about Cory Monteith's death by now and you guys may be thinking "That was so yesterday! Why are you raking it up again?! Get over it." Oh no, hold your horses! I just wanted to take some time to explain myself on what's the cause behind the rather reckless tweet I've tweeted a day after his death, which caused an unexpected and pretty unnecessary commotion (more like a really retarded fuss) on twitter.

Thoughts on his death.

I must admit, even though I'm not a big fan of Glee (TV show), I'd never ever discredit any of the actors/actresses nor deny how gifted most of them are. It's such a tragedy and sense of shame that this has taken place, especially if we were to spare a second to think about how much the young, talented Cory has contributed previously when he was still alive.

Well, obviously that alone wouldn't have made him that special among all the brilliant actors in this world. From some info that I've garnered over a few research sessions on Google, this young man also came across to many as a benevolent and conscientious person.

Part of what makes him different from other teen icons was that, he spoke out against bullying, homophobia and talked often about how he hoped his recent stint in rehab from addiction would inspire others.

It's inevitable for many celebrities to avoid having to stumble into a state of confusion between their public image and their private selves, and the situation is usually aggravated when many teen icons try to "sell" their perception of life to young fans; Considering how far their fans are from the fast-moving lives these celebrities live.

And despite struggling with his career, Cory takes responsibility on his image really well too.

A few of these flairs of his are good enough to contribute to why so many have been dismayed by his sudden death.

I don't really have much of an opinion about him, nor do I think I've the rights to make any personal remarks since I don't know him really well; Be it his social or personal life. After all, I can't judge him based on a few recent articles I've read about him after this incident.

However, after reading what certain people had to say about him when he hit number 1 on the trending list on Twitter, there WAS in fact something that really bugged the hell out of me which resulted to the reason behind my tweet.

Being Disrespectful (Not)

In case you're living under a rock and you're completely clueless about what I've said so far... Here's what I've tweeted:

I feel like I'm gonna die early in the aftermath of this incident, cos I've been cursed so badly right after this tweet went viral.

I've actually already explained myself on twitter after that, saying, "I wasn't in any way insulting Cory nor mocking his death at all. Just wna make a point that if you love someone, don't just show affection after they are gone. Which is what's ALWAYS the case. You get me? I've never discredited him for what he has contributed, did I? My heart goes all out to him and his family. Don't get me wrong. So no offence supporters." but I just felt like there was a need to address this issue all over again, since it has yet to fully subside.

Before you guys go on and on about how I'm trying to entertain my haters here or cover my ass, yea you wish sorry, but I'm not. I'm writing this only because I feel wronged, and I just wanted to make it clear that my intention of tweeting that was never to be disrespectful towards Cory nor his loved ones. 

I was just infuriated when I saw sooooo many hypocrites acting like they were some fucking hardcore fan of his when they were clearly not, but only cos everyone was mourning over his death.

Just in case you don't get what I've just mentioned, basically it means like those people who pretended to love him (after he's dead), acting all compassionate and upset about his death when all they wanted was for people to retweet their tweets - You know, like wanting everyone to be touched by their fake-ass solicitude.  

Which was why I was outraged and hence, tweeted that statement out of impulse. I didn't choose to apologize to apease the angry fans even though that could've made things a little better because I didn't want some ignorant pea-brains to think that I admit that I was in the wrong.

The only thing that I would ever apologize on, was the way I phrased my sentence. After all, I just typed and hit the send button immediately, out of anger. I would've thought twice if I knew how shallow some people are.

Which leads on to another reason why I wanted to talk about this matter again.

What the F U C K is wrong with people these days, doing things out of personal gains, even if it includes doing it at the expense of someone else?

So many fools were hating on me not because they were genuinely mad over what I've said about Cory's Death, but it was only because they wanted retweets????????? Absolutely ridiculous! Felt like I've completely lost all faith in humanity.

I'm not just saying this based on my own assumption, but I've seen so many cases as such before.

For instance, Flyingbanana123 tweets about trending topic (MRT) "The MRT services in Singapore sucks la! Forever breaking down. It's really annoying when you've to get to somewhere quickly!" *Gets 500 RTS* 

Soon later, you'll start seeing a whole bunch of monkeys tweeting the same shit in a different manner, along the same line. "It's so irritating when you've to get to somewhere quickly, but the MRT in Singapore is forever breaking down!"

And I'm just like......

Lol, you're either feeling really guilt stricken right now because you're one of those people that I've just described, or you "feel me" because you've came across people like these too.

I even have this faggot raking up an issue on a tweet that I've tweeted a year back, trying to pick up a fight with me all over again. (I hope you're reading this.) You didn't get my attention on twitter, so I thought maybe you'd love this...

I'm cool with people who speak how they really feel. I mean, if you really hate me, by all means carry on hating, it's not like I've yet to see the worst of what people have to say about me. Just don't "monkey see monkey do" can??? What's the point? 

And I just loathe the idea of people trying to bring someone down to get above them, that's just really cheap and despicable.

Whatever. Anyway, rants aside, I still wanna apologize to those whom I might have unintentionally offended.




Here are a couple of pictures I've taken over the past few weeks. Just something to soothe your eyes after reading a heated post.

Hanging out with Janice at her Aunt's. I'd die to stay over. Just look at how beautiful it is! Motivates me to work hard and earn big bucks to move in to town someday.

Got some yummy local food from Ion's food court before we walked over.

Just us playing with the multiple-shots function using my camera's self-timer.

This is so uncalled for hahaha!

Some party pics.




Last but not least, made a trip to Salon Vim @ Bugis again!

Dyed half my hair into an ash-brown colour this time!

Well, I won't elaborate much since this isn't the final hair colour, but nonetheless, I still love it! Thanks to my hairstylist Jaime once again ;)

Anyway, they are having a promo now till the end of this month! Don't miss it! 

Also, don't forget to book an appointment with Jaime to receive 10% off upon quoting my name! ;)