Update / WardrobeMess

How has your day been so far for you? Mine was just...... Definitely not one of my better days. Woke up on the wrong side of bed today and I haven't been in the best of mood ever since. I feel so tired and despondent from a week of mess, but the scorching hot sun seems to be opposing how I feel.

Have been packed with so many things and events since this will probably be my last week to enjoy (don't know how's that enjoying myself, sounds more like a torment to prep me for hell) before school begins in less than 48 hours for me. Finally, after 8 months long of holiday. Still contemplating if I should call for a celebration, or just spend the last few hours sobbing in bed. 

Just in case if you're still clueless about where I'd be schooling at, I'm actually gonna spend my next 3 years studying Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) To clear some your doubts; I'm taking up Arts Management. It's somewhat similar to business management, just that I'll specialize in arts in this case. And yes, this is what I want. I've already decided to come to NAFA even before I sat for my O levels' papers. 

I'm not sure if there are still stereotypes around that have something against people who chose to pursue Arts, but I just wanna say that...... This is what I wanna do and hopefully, turn into what I love doing as well, and my parents are really supportive of it. That's all you've to know and bear in mind.

Still having mixed feelings about starting school. After all, I'm still used to squandering all my time, going through yet another unproductive day over the last 8 months. However, the good thing to look forward to would definitely be how things could finally fall into place. The last half a year was way too happening, it's time to settle down. Besides, I've already made a couple of nice friends during orientation. I'm ready to embark in my new life and embrace the hardship ahead. (Not exactly)




Anyway, let's not dwell too much on how torturous my week has been! I've been stocking up A LOT of clothes for school, because I'm afraid I might be too packed to shop once school starts. (doesn't really seem like a legit reason to spend shit load of money lol) And thanks to my great sponsors, I could lighten that burden a little.

Introducing WardrobeMess to you today!

I love blog shops that sell pretty outerwear! Like I've mentioned a zillion times, having a few outerwear in your closet can be perfect on days when you're too lazy to dress up. Just put on a basic top underneath, throw on the outerwear and you can set off!

Got myself this cardigan in lilac. Really simple, but I love how it's oversized and has this droopy effect on the the sleeves.

Cute, and it's great how it's not too thick nor too thin for the usual weather.

Second's this spag jumper. Okay, it's not exactly a jumper...... It's like a dress with shorts underneath it. So what do you call it? I know for skirt-shorts they call it skorts, but what's this? Dreshorts? Lolol.

Whatever it is, I'm super amazed by how it's designed! No more need more safety shorts that look like em' grandma panties haha. 

Besides, I'm soooo in love with the colour! Makes me so happy, I don't know why.

Paired it up with a maroon knitted sweater.

Last but not least, this was an extra piece they've kindly sent to me along with the top two pieces that I've picked! How sweet.

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to pull off it off because of its flower design, I mean after all you guys should know by now I'm not a girly-girl person. 

Who knew it actually didn't turn out as bad as I thought! In fact, I really like it! Its length and cutting fits well and it has adjustable + removable strips!

You can actually pair this up with a denim jacket for an edgier look.

Have I mentioned how efficient they were?! I received my items the following day after I told them what I wanted!

At least this made my week a little better; waking up to nice clothes from amazing blogshops as such. He he.

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