June Favs

Have been wanting to share with you guys some of my all-time favs for awhile now, so here it is for the month of June! (Even though we're already into the second week of July, but I guess it's never too late right?)

Here are some of my essentials when it comes to my daily make up routine.

I've never really thought I'd invest in a face primer, but after reading tons of reviews, I've realized how vital it is to keep your make up set nicely throughout the entire day.

One thing that I loathe would certainly be how easily I perspire, and this is one of the main reasons why I can never leave my house without bringing my makeup kit for touchups.

So I've finally had my hands on the Make Up Forever HD Primer.

I won't even lie about how pricey it was. From what I remember, it actually costed me about SGD65. I just thought I'd share it anyways, because I definitely paid for what I've gotten! Not trying to say that all expensive stuff are good though.

It acts like a normal skincare product; giving your skin that extra moisture and has a slightly dewy finish. Guess what I love most is that it really acts like a protection from the shit-load of face makeup I slap on, and helps my makeup lasts throughout the day. 

And it dries as soon as I have it on, without any traces of grease!!! 

There are actually different numbers which caters to all the various skin types, but I got mine in #0 which is for all skin types. 

You can read more about the product here.

As some of you may have already known that I've been stuck to the Dr.Young's BB cream since the very first day I've started using BB cream at the beginning of last year, and I've NEVER switched to anything new since then.

However, that was also because I've never actually run out of it lol. And when it was almost used up, I've discontinued it and decided to try the one from Ettusais. 

I've always been a fan of their products, and I've actually tried out their skincare products when I was 13. Cos their all for sensitive skin, and fragrance-free!

Anyway, I never really thought I'd like this, but even though it took me awhile to adapt to it, I've definitely fell head over heels for it now!

It costs SGD38, and has a pretty light coverage; Definitely nothing compared to the one from Dr.Young, but I actually love how naked it makes my skin feel. Unlike how usual BB cream gives a dewy finish, it has this velvet touch to it instead.

Besides, it has loads of benefiting ingredients, and helps to prevent acne too!!! #Win

You can try their BB Mineral White if you want heavier coverage though. 

You can read more about the product here.

Third fav would have to be the Silkygirl 2-in-1 eyeliner! This is when I prove to you that sometimes cheap things can work wonders too :p

It's only SGD7!!!!! Crazily cheap for a two-way eyeliner.

Ya seriously lol. Anyway besides being inexpensive, I'm really fond of how creamy its texture is. As in it really glides on easily and is smudge proof and waterproof.

Well, I must give some credit to how effortless it is to use this eyeliner because I sure had the worst experience when it comes to pencil-eyeliners. 

I've ever tried those that actually required me to tug and drag really hard before the colour goes on. If I had premature wrinkles it'll all be thanks to these lousy inventors, the amount of effort needed... Maximum pls.

Anyway as I was saying, above all those that I've mentioned, what's really great about this eyeliner is that it has a different colour on each side. I got the brown and white one.

I've been using the brown one for my lower-lash line and the white for the inner corner of my eyes. Oh, not forgetting to mention, you can actually double it up as a cream eyeshadow too! Which, I've been using on days when I'm too lazy.

You can read more about the product here.

I've never actually touched blushers previously before I started using BB creams, cos I've pretty rosy cheeks naturally... BUT I just look pale as paper once I cover my face with my BB cream.

Just like the white space above. It was only until one of my girlfriends told me that I should actually start using blushers to look a little more lively...... So initially I've tried out one from Estee Lauder, but soon later switched to one from Silky girl. Both in different shades of pink.

I was pretty okay with the colour from Silky girl, but the downside of it was that it didn't last!!! & It just pisses me off, cos I've to touch up once every hour or two. So ma huan! (troublesome)

I was then searching high and low for an orange blusher, cos it looks really good on my fav makeup guru hahaha. It was just like searching for a needle in a haystack wtf. Those that I came across were either with shimmer or are way out of my budget.

Well, I was actually pretty desperate to get it, so I ended up settling for the M.A.C powder blush which was SGD40... My first thought was that it's pretty overpriced for a blusher, but I just got it anyways since I wanted it so bad.

Who knew it was actually worth the price in the end???

Perfect shade, matte and it lasts me the entire day! If I ever regretted getting it, it'd be my best regret ever. Haha.

You can read more about the product here.

Costing only SGD9, I actually think that 2 tubes of these babies aren't enough. 

I've been using lipgloss since a really young age, and I've always hated how they don't taste as good as they smell. I mean, probably because people took into consideration that if it was actually yummy, the lipgloss would soon be gone cos we'd keep licking it up. (sounds funny lol)

Whatever, I believe you get where I'm coming from.

Anyway, for whatever stupid reason there is... I'd rather be tasting something nice than something tasteless!!! Stupid idiots, wouldn't that give me the motivation to buy more of your lipgloss and wear em'?! Urgh.

So after blabbering all these nonsense, my point is that the VS's SHINY lipgloss tastes great! Don't get me wrong though, not that I'm asking you to get it cos of its taste, you can get a candy at a dollar. Each colour has its own unique flavour to it. Ahhhh I'm so thankful for this creation.

And if you ever had problems dealing with chapped lips, you can actually cover it up with lipgloss! I wouldn't say your lips would miraculously become like...

HAHA, but at least it won't be like...

If that's the case, guys would rather kiss...

Ok kidding.

You can read more about the product here.

Many of you have been asking me to do a video on my skincare regime, but I've been really busy :( So to kind of compensate, here's one of my necessities though, which I thought was a must-share!!!

I've always been using sheet/cotton masks only until I saw reviews on how good the Murad's Clay mask was. Side note - cleanser that I've been using since late last year till now is from Murad as well. 

It's really easy to apply, and you can just wash it off after 10 mins!

This mask doesn't help to tighten your skin or whatsoever though, it just really purifies your skin like what it states. Which is why I always feel like my face is squeaky clean after each application.

Besides, it helps prevent breakouts due to its powerful acne medication! (Not gonna deny, it smells unpleasant though.)

You can read more about the product here.  

Are you one of those impatient asses that will NEVER have enough perseverance to sit at the same spot and wait patiently for your nails to dry? THEN YOU'D LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

It's sad how there aren't any awards given out to the laziest people on earth, otherwise I'd break the world's record for having the most numb of medals. I really find it a hassle to put on an extra layer of top coat, moreover wait for my nails to dry.

I'm really not someone who can sit still for more than 5 minutes, I'll just start fidgeting and get really restless after awhile. Unless I've videos to keep me entertained while I wait.

It was only until recently when I started to get pretty annoyed at how my nail polish chips off really quickly... Like within two days?! That's when I've decided to be a little more diligent and start applying topcoat!!!

AND NOW, my nail polish can last up to more than a week?! It's not really long, but it's quite remarkable if you were to compare it without. Above that, the thing that I really love is this particular topcoat actually gives a glossy finish; as good as getting gel manicure?! What's best? It only takes a minute to dry!

Btw, it's only selling at SGD14 if you get it from Orchard Central #05-30! :)

You can read more about the product here.

 Last but not least, my fav item of all!!! Hehe.

At one point in April, I suddenly got all crazy over perfumes and scents... I bought like 5 different perfumes in two months hahaha. 

Anyway, this scent by Salvatore Ferragamo is my fav scent of all 5. Which is also the one I've received most compliments from! Especially from guys HAHAHA.

I was about to go like "Girls, now you know what to get" then the next thought that came to my mind was every girl smelling the same. That's just... Nah, too overwhelming. So drop that idea.

It has a fruity, fresh and sweet smell to it, and stays on me even after like 2 hours of hardcore boxing training. Imagine the amount of perspiration I had, and I still managed to sustain the smell. Of course, it wouldn't smell as pleasant la, just saying you know. Haha

Point is, it actually lasts pretty long! Just a tip if you didn't already know this, pick out "Eau de Parfum" instead or "Eau de Toilette" if you're looking for long-lasting perfumes. Toilette doesn't usually last as long. 

Just so you know, they've also came up with a newer version - Signorina Eau De Toilette!

Got it at a heartbreaking amount of approx $125. Burned a hole in my pocket, but it was worth it cos I haven't stopped using it since the day I've placed it on my shelf.

Just gonna end this off by saying, if you don't have a habit of putting on perfume and want something inexpensive... For hygiene purposes and the sake of all human beings who breathe, please put on some deodorant before taking public transports ok? Very cheap only! Thanks.

You can read more about the product here

Thought I'd share more, but this post will be too long! So I'll save it for the next one at the end of the month! 

For any queries, feel free to tweet me up @Naomineo_
Till next time! x