YHF is probably one of the blog shops that I will never get sick of visiting! I believe I've already sung enough praises in my previous review for them to express my love for them. & I'm really glad to say that I've decided to work with them for the 

As usual, I was really excited to receive my package after I've sent in my orders... Got them in no time; I was absolutely in love with the skirts!!! I got mine in S and I was a little paranoid that I might not be able to fit into them at first, but thank god I did! 

Just to clarify, it's not bcos I felt like I was super skinny, but bcos I've got cheated several times before. Like how it's stated S sometimes, but it feels like I'm wearing size UK 100 (If that even exists) when I put it on.

I actually saw this skirt on one of the Topshop models, but they don't sell it! Urgh. Guess we're always one step behind the latest collection for most of the UK and US brands... *sobs*

Anyway I was over the moon when I realize that YHF has it!

If you've already noticed, I usually have a habit of snapping more shots in the item I like most! LOL.

Remember how I've once mentioned about the importance of having more outerwear? Simply bcos you can cheat your way through wearing basics underneath them on lazy-days. :p

New arrivals up every Thurday at 8pm so do remember to check them out! :)