Mae's 18th/GC Weekends

Had macarons with Tyler at CANELÉ last Friday before heading down to Gushcloud for GCweekend. Finally, after being with them for a year and a half. God knows why, but I just so happen to be unavailable every time GCweekend takes place...

Anyway, I still prefer the ones from Ladurée though. I don't really have a sweet-tooth; although I loveee sweet drinks, I can never consume pastries that are too sweet and even chocolates most of the time, without feeling grossed out.

Yea, I'm one of those weird girls who isn't a big fan of chocolates.

I personally feel that, even though macarons are known for their sweet-flavour, but too much of it can get pretty repulsive. Speaking of which, I'm always nauseated by the thought of my first experience. Apparently the first macron I had was a HUGE mistake, and I swear I wouldn't have touched it again if it wasn't for Tyler.

Anyway as usual, Mr Ng aka Santa Claus has never failed to greet me with gifts every time we meet.

Made our way down to GC after spending an hour at the arcade because our movie plan failed, and yea you've guess it, that was Tyler's ideal way of killing time. 

Headed down to Mediacorp for casting after that, before we made our way to the office.

Say hi to Banban!!! He has finally joined the GC family :)

Eric! (I love him the most!!!! I can never stop laughing whenever he's around. Such a funny guy, pity that he isn't a host for those reality shows. Lol)

Shanice!!! (As introduced in one of my previous posts.)

& Eunice!!!

Ok I'm too lazy to name everyone in this picture, but there are probably only half of us present here!

Grabbed the next three pics from Eu. Hahahahaha, 10 of us actually squeezed into a four-seater car to get to Mae's place... How badass is that, lol.

This was perhaps one of the coolest parties I've ever been to, not even kidding.

Mae and her mom. Her mom's basically as cool as the party. Haha

Lastly, we all went down to Zouk for an after-party!

Haven't had so much fun for awhile. Was dead beat by the time I got home, so I zonked out as soon as I hit the sack, but I guess it's all worth it! Work hard, play harder. 

That's all for now! x