Night Safari

I've always been a fan of the nightlife and as much as I'd love to wake up in the morning to grab a bite at McDonalds, I just hate the idea of waking up early!!!! I HATE IT. Well, but if you're talking about school and meetings etc that's just inevitable... I don't have a choice.

So besides partying, have you ever considered that you might also have as much fun at the Night Safari?! 

I'm overwhelmed with all my emotions that I have right now, the animals were sooooo cute! Not kidddddingzzz.

Haven't been there since I was probably 7/8, or perhaps even way before that. Hence, I was so thrilled to have this opportunity to do so with Tyler despite how it's located at the other end of SG, away from me...... Thanks to him I got a ride there with his car. However, fret not!!! It's actually just 25-minute ride away from Ang Mo Kio/ Choa Chu Kang if you hop on to the shuttle bus there! Hence it's pretty accessible and really isn’t as far as what we always think!

Just to give a brief intro to any kuku who hasn't been there even once in your entire life before,

From what I've found out, the Night's Safari is the world's first nocturnal wildlife park which consists of more than 2,500 animals in naturalistic habitats!!! It was a really memorable experience to be able to be exposed to all these beautiful creatures within close distance.

Besides, I also enjoy a breathtaking journey with all the adventures in the park such as the Thumbuakar show, Creatures of the Night Show and walking trails.

Excited me was already snapping pictures at the entrance.

Caught an eyeopening Thumbuakar performance to kick start our evening! Doesn't it amaze you  how they could actually breathe out such huge flames?!

It's actually really crowded even on weekdays due to the tour groups, but it’s much quieter later in the night. Their student promo is valid for entry after 9pm, so you no longer have to worry about queuing and squeezing during your visit!

This 20-minute animal extravaganza brings together a constellation of their nocturnal superstars! Was so excited to watch how the animals showcase their natural and unique behaviours and skills.

Was really taken aback bcos according to my really vague impression of the Night Safari, I only remembered being on a tram... No performances, no nothing!!! So I'm really glad. Besides, the show was definitely not a let-down!

Can you spot where's the Binturong (bear-cat)?!?!!?

Oh look, a snake! lol.

So amused how that cute little Otter could differentiate between the different-material cups and bottles, and actually managed to place them in the recycling bin!

The small-toothed civet trying to use its strong sense of smell to find out which hand the grape was on!

Next up was a journey into the mysterious night on a tram. I was actually quite afraid that it might turn out to be a really boring ride, but thankfully, I gotta see a lot of animals I wouldn't’ be able to see if I was there in the day!

I'm so sorry this is the only good shot I managed to capture!!! (Although it's not exactly a fantastic one as well. oops. Flash is prohibited at the Night Safari due to the sensitivity of certain animals’ eyes and may also cause unnecessary stress to them)

I guess it IS a good thing that they really ensure that the animals are protected this way, that aside, this just means that you guys should head down and experience it for yourself!

Above all the fun, you can never have fun without filling up your tummies! At least I can't. Bongo Burgers! It’s an alfresco restaurant with yummy burgers, hotdogs and fries! Noms.

This is seriously such an unflattering picture of myself, but oh well look how much I've sacrificed just to give you guys a good laugh!!!!

Trust me, you won't wanna miss this even if you're not a hardcore animal lover, but if you are good for you! You might regret partying and getting drunk, doing things you shouldn't have done... But you'd definitely not regret this!


• Arrive at NS at about 7.30pm for dinner at Bongo Burgers (10% discount! hehe)
• Catch the 8pm Thumbuakar performance while you noms on the yummy burgers and fries
• Enter the park at around 9pm and catch the Creatures of The Night Show at 9.30pm
• Hop on to the tram ride after the show for a journey into the mystical night (enjoy seeing lovely animals while relaxing)
• After that, explore the Wallaby Trail – you can see the cute wallabies (duh) and also possums and gliders, super cute!
• End your night with some sweet treats at Ben & Jerry’s!


1. 50% admission promo  for students
- Tickets can be purchased any time during Night Safari operating hours, but valid for entry after 9pm, daily
- Just flash your student ID to enjoy the discount
Valid 1 Jun – 31 Aug 2013

2. 10% Bongo Burger - Valid daily 
- To enjoy the discount, just flash your student ID
Valid 1 Jun – 31 Aug 2013

Apart from these, Night Safari just launched a campaign called “Seen & Herd” and it’s essentially a campaign herding four prominent local artists together, for them to create art pieces that speak for four different threatened species. We can also ‘help’ with conservation by helping to spread the word by participating in the Instagram contest.

THUS PRESENTING...... The "Snap N' Share" Contest!

Spreading the word of conservation is easy as snapping a photo! 


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Instagram: @nightsafariofficial