Sleek, directional, fashionable; Riot Loco is your reason to indulge in some oniochalasia.

Finally have some spare time to share with you guys my fav online store for the month of May! Haven't been doing that many reviews lately cos I wanted to keep them exclusive; where I only write them for selective blog shops that I'm really fond of AND CAN'T RESIST THE URGE TO SHARE.

I guess it's better that way in terms of my credibility and also, you guys won't be seeing a page full of advertorials/reviews! Which, I know can get a little annoying sometimes.

Anyway back to the topic! I haven't been so pleased upon receiving my sponsors for awhile, I was just really glad that I got to work with RIOTLOCO

What's different about them compared to other online stores?

*All of their apparels are tagged with their label and comes in sizes S-L
*New arrivals and giveaway every Thursday
*The season's most covetable designs are re-envisioned as stylish investments, with meticulous thought brought to design, fabric and style!

So here are three of my picks! :)

I chose to wear this sheer, chiffon blouse as an "outerwear" instead because I thought it actually goes pretty well with something of a brighter colour underneath. Wear it with a basic spag top, preferably in white, if you're looking for something simpler.

Unlike the usual maxi skirts, I love how there are slits on both sides, (like sexy only) along with three beautiful tones which complement each other so well. It's pretty versatile! So formal or casual, up to you!

This is totally uncalled for, but whatever!

My fav piece of all!!! 

Apparently I've been really into the colour blue lately. In terms of clothes. So I guess I'm a little biased in that sense, especially when it's my fav shade of blue!

Words can't express how much I love the design at the back! Besides, not forgetting how much I loveeeee adjustable stripes!!!!!!! BEST. Hands down.

This is what happens when I get bored.

And here I am trying to seduce you virtually. Lol, kidding it's not even seductive.

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key in this code before checking out to receive a 15% off all items!*
Discount expires 16 june 2013, midnight(SGT).

*Excluding Sales and Vintage Items. 

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