Sheer Agony

Life has been pretty hard on me lately, things weren't going smoothly and I was really not as fine as how I seemed to be on the surface, but I'm so done with allowing myself to feel that way. I'm so done weeping my heart out over someone who chose to walk out of my life.

I may have lost someone who was once so dear to me, but god gave me a whole new bunch of really good friends in return... God also made me realize that sometimes you gotta lose certain things in exchange for better things along the way.

Guess hitting rock bottom is just one of the many setbacks you'd have to face in life before you get back up and become even stronger than before.

Even though I hate how I always lose people as soon as I get them, I wouldn't deny I've gotten to know even better people after each time.

& I'm thankful for that.

Just some random pictures taken at my baby girl's place the other day. 

I've lost her once and I can't believe she's back here with me when I'm at my lowest. It's also because of this incident which helped to strengthen the bond between my family and I. I'm so grateful to have so many people rooting for me and there's nothing more I'd ask for.

It hurts to know that at one point of time, someone who you once meant the whole world to, could just pretend you've never existed in their lives in just a split second. But it hurts even more to realize that no matter how much pain they've brought you through, they are still the ones you care for the most at the end of they day. It's pretty funny isn't it? How humans always want what they can't have, and how we always choose to stay for that one good reason and not leave for the uncountable flaws that special someone has? Still trying to find the answers for all these questions.