Those of you who've heard of them before, would've prolly guessed what I'm gonna talk about today. So I've recently received some new electronic gadgets from Gavio and I must say that I'm pretty in love with them!

Before I begin blabbering and going all cray over my new products, let me introduce Gavio to those of you who've no idea what it is!

At gavio, they’re engineered to bring awesome sound experience and designed to bring you style. They’ve been presented awards such as the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2012, the SPBA Most Popular Brand Award 2012 and Stuff Gadget of the Year Award 2011.

Gavio is the founder of two different product brands:
gavio privé is sophisticated, sleek and elegant. Its products are pure and simple in aesthetics and bold and demanding in quality. Get a taste of gavio privé here:
gavio dyna g breaks free from the conventional styles and is designed with street fashion elements of fun, carefree and youthfulness. Check out gavio dyna g here:

Who's your favourite superhero?? If you're a mega fan of Superman, you'd definitely love their latest series ;)

I've always been a loyal user of all the apple products.  Even when it comes to headphones, I still stick to the classics. I've tried several different brands before; such as Beats etc, however somehow I just always have this tendency of switching back to my usual mainstream iPhone earpiece in the end eventually.

Who knew that I'd actually cheat on apple and I've have been using my new Gruuve Gazz headphones as soon as I got them! LOL

I guess the thing that I love the most about this earpiece is how sharp the sound quality is, and just so you know, you can actually set its volume reallyyyyyy high. Good for you if you're one of those jokers who loves sharing your music on public transports. He he.

Next up's my fav product of all three! The Jackin' Juice portable charger. Hahaha I'm so amused with its name, it's so catchy.

Anyway, it's super small and handy! Best for someone like me; I've always wanted a portable charger, but I really loathe how the usual ones are so bulky and "heavy." What's best? You can actually charge all sorts of USB powered devices on the go!

So your friends can also share share with you lah, basically.

Takes 3 hours or less to charge up to its full state and its battery efficiency's 80% of the Device.

I'm so happy that I've finally found myself a portable charger!!!!! I can never return home without a "dying" phone. :(

Lastly, it's the multi purpose pouch!!!!

Are you one of those people who finds it a hassle to take your wallet in and out of your bag/pocket, just because you need to dig out your cards or cash?! Then this is perfect for you!

Words can't express how thankful I am to have this! There was once where I lost my EZ-link card thrice in a month because I've this really bad habit of misplacing things that I hold on to. I don't know if there are any better words to describe myself besides scatterbrained.

Hahaha I'm sorry, but I just had to add in that annotation to my picture. It means that it can actually stick on most surfaces!

& I've tried it out; In case you decide to remove it, it can be easily done so without leaving any marks! You know those niam niam shit that can be such a chore to have them removed?!

So anyway, they are currently having a promo!!!

With every purchase of a Gavio MOS product, you’re eligible to participate in their lucky draw and might just win 1 of the 15 pairs of movie tickets that they’re giving away every week. More details can be found at

Are you guys looking forward to the upcoming Superman movie?!?!?! I can't wait! Get your limited edition Gavio Man of Steel items now! :)

By the way, just in case if you're uninterested in those products that I've shared, they still have a wide variety of series and items on their page! So remember to check them out ;)