I can't explain how overjoyed I was when I received an email from YHF bcos I've always wanted to collaborate with them so bad! Unlike many other, you really pay for what you get.

I love how exclusive their designs are and I can hardly find any online shops/blog shops that sell pretty heels that are affordable.

Believe it or not, I was sooo looking forward to receive my items after I sent in my orders!

Mad in love with this chic-looking leather bralet which comes with detachable straps! Perfect.

I've always wanted a black leather bralet but have never been willing to pay for it bcos those in the stores are pretty overpriced.

As for this pair of heels, I CAN'T EVEN EXPRESS HOW CRAZY I WAS WHEN I SAW IT. Firstly bcos I actually saw a similar pair at Topshop @ SGD150 (Diff material tho) and I've been yearning to get it... Until I saw this!!!

Like what I always say, sometimes you pay for the quality not the brand. For example, if you're gonna pay 50 for something of similar quality compared to a known brand at 150... Obviously an idiot would know which to go for in this case!


A little peek of whats up for the month of april!

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