Grandma's 80th

So it was my Grandmother's 80th Birthday yesterday and we had a celebration for her over at Laguna. 

Outfit for the evening.

Sometimes it pains me to see how everyone's growing and changing. I won't deny I'm changing with the times too, but a part of me still belongs to the past. Like I still feel sentimental over my whole childhood when I used to be closer to all my family members.

I mean, I'm aware this is just part of growing up, we watch how people grow apart and have totally no control of it. Shit happens in life.

A card I did right before meeting granny. Oops.

C'mon, stop judging my handicraft skills... I guess it isn't that bad right? Hahahah. Given the fact that I haven't done something like that for ages... I should still be credited for my effort isn't it? Hehe :p

Sucks to be you if you're looking at the next few pictures with an empty stomach. 

The food was great... Unfortunately I had my lunch really late, and I already felt bloated after the second dish.

Just chillin with my babies. 

 Dinner was incredibly long, as usual, but I guess nothing beats looking at that genuine smile worn on my grandmother's face. At times I feel so guilt-ridden for not being able to spend quality time with her, knowing that she still cares without my presence... and knowing that her days are numbered as she ages.

It saddens me to know that it's yet another passing phase to lose someone so dear to you at a certain point of your life, and there's nothing you can actually do to salvage it.

Whatever it is, I love you.