So this post is roughly gonna sum up how I scraped by my days in April, excluding my trip to Hong Kong; which I'll be posting about in my next entry!!! (Something to look forward to hur.) 

Before I begin, just wanna apologize for the lack of updates and posts lately, because I've been out almost everyday from day till late at night and I'm usually dead beat by the time I get home on most days.

Hahahaha just kiddddding.

So it took us 6 good months before the both of us finally decided that we have to visit the beach at least once before school starts, to cycle and for satay!!!

And we were soooo glad the weather did us justice on that day. Perfect weather, perfect company, perfect food. What more can I ask for?

Went to T3's Earle Swensen's for the salad bar buffet with L. Eat as much as you can for only $15!!! Super worth it.... If you have never eaten fruits and vege before lol.

Broke my diet with this sinful piece of chicken cutlet. But it was worth it!!!

Picked my gal from school the other day and it was raining elephants and hippos. (I thought "cats and dogs" couldn't really emphasise on how "heavy" the rain was.)

Don't know what was this for...

Lunch with the idiot who made me spend close to 3 faithful hours in a shoe store that day.

Ended up carrying 3 huge paper bags filled with shoes. Damn gay.


Then had dinner with all the awesome peeeeeps in the evening.

I swear only the salad's mine...

This is Jh's fuck-i'm-fucking-fucked-up-face.

Amanda and Julian!!

More food porn to satisfy your eyes.

Rid doing his thing. What's new?

Got myself these after dinner!!! Mad in love with all the scents.

Alright stay tuned to my next post for my haul vid and hk post! ;)