Update post 1

So since I'm home on a Saturday afternoon, I decided to payback for the lack of updates (or pictures) since the start of this year, I've lined up a few posts just for you guys in the next few days to keep you guys updated on what I've been up to for the past few weeks.

Well, I've never really had much of a proper Birthday "celebration" kinda thing. Probably because I don't have a permanent clique that I usually hang out with... 

So if I'm lucky enough to have a bunch of friends that I'm close to during that time of my birthday... Then that's when I'll have like gifts and stuff lol.

At this point, I'm not really sure if any of you are following any of the things I've just blabbered hahaha.

Right, so this year as usual, I didn't really celebrated my bday, but thankfully I had the greatest friends who actually made/bought me pressies. -sigh of bliss-

Personally, I really love handmade gifts... I think they represent much more significance or at least effort from that person. However, nothing's better when you get presents that you really want or need!!! It's like, they can be as cheap at 2 bucks... But if it's practical, who cares?! I don't.

I never really expected any of my friends to get me gifts because firstly, I don't like the idea of people spending money on me and secondly, I'm pretty hard to satisfy... Hahahaha. Besides, I hate pretending to like something that I don't.

But to my surprise, even though this year's birthday wasn't (as usual) that fantastic, it was pretty good compared to the past few yrs. (You can now picture how bad they were.)

I know there's nothing much to show off or anything cos it's quite pathetic hahahaha but I'm still glad there were people who bothered! Tks guys, esp those who came down to my place just to pass me the gifts hehe and my parents for the sumptuous Mexican dinner.

Late night date with the bff.

Photoshoot with Fiona @smittenpixels

Can't wait to show you guys the pictures!

Got a new skateboard and I haven't had the chance to use it because it has been raining everyday!!!!! -sobs-

One of the rare days where I got up in the morning...

And some pictures taken at the ABTM Gala.

Photo bombers. LOL.

Wonder to caption this cute or trying too hard. Hahahaha!

I guess that's about it. Stay tuned for more my cny and v's day posts!!! 

Heading out in the evening later to catch up with some friends... Will be back soon.

Till then x