Update post 2

After two hectic weeks, I finally stayed at home today. Gosh, talk about being cray!

As promised, here's my second "update" post!

Headed to ikea the other day for dinner with this retard right below. Hahaha!

I mean tell me if I'm wrong, but who in the world can be more retarded than this???

Ok I'm just kidding. He's my really good friend. Lost him once and I'm so glad we're closer than before now. :)

Some random pictures taken the day after, with L.

Yay Happy Chinese new year!!!

I think most of us wouldn't enjoy CNY as much if there weren't ang paos given. Admit it you bunch of hypocrites!!!!! :p

I think I look pretty weird here, but it was one of my better shots from my attempt to camwhore after being out for 12 (freaking tiring) hours. So whatever.

I enjoy company from the younger ones sometimes... Not until they get all clingy and noisy though. I thought I was a pro when it comes to playing for long hours without dying from fatigue but I was proven wrong when I met children. -Drowns myself-

She's my favourite.

Steamboat whoooo hoooo!

Some pictures taken with my phone!

Right this is really random but I'm gonna end this post, thanking that there are no more vistings for me because I seriously hate waking up in the morning LOL.

I'll be supa cranky and will probably stay that way for the entire day until I get at least an hour nap. Hahaha! That's me.

Cya X