So glad I actually got to know this blogshop!!! Serving to distinguish from the rest, they actually sell male apparels, accessories but not forgetting, female ones too!

Snapback lovers, they have their very own preorder spree specially for you too.

Now girls, it's time you show some love to your boyfriends/dates for V's day! No more excuses while you're doing your own shopping online. Hahaha.

Preview of some of the male stuff they sell!

Besides, if you have yet to stock up your clothes for CNY next week, this is a good opportunity!!!

Doll yourself up in their eye-catching, red dresses and get ready to be the in the limelight.

Some of their female accessories! 

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& If you were fretting over not being able to receive your clothes just in time for next week's celebrations... 


Love how efficient they are!

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Instagram: @shopequilibrium