Needless to say, quinze's prolly one of my fav blogshops I've worked with last month!!! Why? I love their exclusive outfits! I can hardly find or I would say I've yet to find any other blogshops that sells the same stuff they do!

By now, you guys should know how much I go for uniqueness after so many diff reviews!!!

This yellow zag cut-out dress's not only edgy, the cut-outs will give you a sexier appearance.

Easily toss the cap away and rock it with heels!

Have I mentioned how much I loveee off-shoulder tops? I mean besides that whole sexy look, it kinda makes you look extra feminine. Hahaha.

Ok for me, since the top was already so gu niang, I toned it down a little by pairing it with a denim bottom instead.

Love the see-through laced detailes.

Next this gold baroque printed hws, wraps around your curves to allow you to show off your curves! The black embellishments are really pretty.

See how versatile it is? Play around with diff tops to get a whole diff look.

Lastly, this alluring two pieced outfit.

Saves you the trouble of finding something to match with! However, you can also wear them separately, duh.

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