Looking for new outfits??? I guess it's time to fill up your wardrobe for some makeover this CNY!

So I'm sharing with you guys one of my all time favs today!

Have been working with Sassydream for quite some time now and they've never failed to disappoint me with every collection that they come up with! 

I mean, they've soooooo many choices and sometimes it gets so frustrating because I always have a hard time picking what I want! It's like every time I think I'm settled for one, something better pops up as I scroll down further. Lol.

Besides, they've a wide variety of clothes you can choose from so don't have to worry! You know how some blog shops only accomodate to one particular style? And nothing really suits you? Yeap, it sucks.

And they've so many red red red stuff in their new collection which was just launched yesterday! Perfect for CNY.

I love bag packs! Clutches can get really annoying and sling bags can hurt one side of your shoulder so bad at the end of the day at times! Plus, they don't come in the way :p

My two sponsored outfits!!! :)

Got one in black, and they were nice enough to give me an extra one in red! How sweet.

Do hope you guys could find something you like and I'm pretty sure you will! :)


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